3* hero only at special 7 and maxed

Maxed a 3* Angus and she was still at attack level 7. Used 100 extra heros, trued all ways with extra heros and still at 7. So thats 100 heros at a cost of 4185 per hero to level.

3* are notably difficult to have their specials maxed before the hero themselves are maxed. It does happen but more often than not, you will have to max out the special after the hero is maxed. Once the hero is maxed, on-colour feeding of 1* will give 10% chance and 2* will give a 20% chance of maxing the specials. Hope that helps.

Good lord, I’m so sorry that happened. Assumed you tried using ten 2*? I was under the impression that would level up the special no matter what. Basically, 100% chance.

Ah very good. Five 2*s, then.

I’m going to close as this isn’t a bug. Post 2 gives direction on how to get the special maxed quickly.