3 friends starting to look for a new family


If you don’t decide to join any of the others that posted before me, you could try Assasins Inc!

Here is my recruitment page.

We have spaces available, chat, coordinate, also use line and are english speakers from around the world.

Drop by and give us a try I’m sure you’ll be happy with us!

(the forum link is a bit of an old thread but most of the info still stands :slight_smile: )

Just realised that if you join you’d fill our alliance to 30 which would be great. The poster named Jobin on that link joined us from that page and is still with us :slight_smile: . looking at your levels you would fit right in

Hey check out

Angry Bears

they are really quite nice and shall fit you’re requirements. They are a bit casual though. 10* titans…coordinated tank + strategy

I can give you Line ID of the leader later on.

Happy gaming

hi if you have great expectations likewise me check out Veni Vidi Vici VVV. i am sure we soon will be a great community. come and stick to be great. Conversation and fun is half of the game. lets do it

Hi @AryaStark, we are hitting 11/12* Titans on a regular basis. We have a good international war strategy and have fun changing up our lineups frequently. Very chatty, encouraging, and naughty. We can make room for the 3 of you if interested. Line ID: junphilyan

Benevolent Mercenaries are recruiting and would welcome all three of you. We hit 10* Titans, coordinate war strategy and, yes, chat…a lot…come check us out, you won’t be disappointed.


if you are considering a serious alliance hit me up in line (id: boolz_san)


Hi Arya,
Check out Coffee & Donuts,
We meet all your points and we are killing 10* titans regularly with occasional 11*

Rising Dawn has 5 slots open. We are an international alliance, speaking English and a bit of German and Greek, 50% North America and 50% Europe/Australia. We are currently

  • killing 11 stars titans,
  • looking for a player with at least one 4200 TP team
  • we ask that you use all war flags and hit titans for at least 50K
  • Life happens, and being absent for a couple days/week is ok as long as you communicate and opt out of wars

We have many veterans with deep knowledge of the game and very generous with advice and help.

Hit the Rising Dawn Discord Welcome Channel if you are interested

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Arya,I will give you my last pitch…our values are respect towards each other, commitment to the alliance and communication to resolve our differences. We are the Benevolent Mercenaries, we are not perfect and do not strive to be so, only the best that we can be. We have a strong core of players, looking to make it stronger. We recently lost some vert active players trying to recover their personal business as a result of COVID. We could use your help and I’m sure you would find a happy home here.

Line ID- Vragman

Hi There,

If you all are still looking… the Guardians Family of Alliances are always looking. You might have heard of Guardians as it was the Family Jonah The Bard started and he documented his experiences getting it started. I’m in Guardians Heroes which would be perfect for all 3 of you guys. I’m copying my co-Leader @TangyHot and you can get in touch with her on the forum. I’ll also post our recruitment page below.

Good luck!

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Here is the info for our alliance and Family


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@AryaStark if you haven’t found a home yet, Legion of Darkness would be interested.

We’re the tier 2 alliance of The Last Legion family and are usually nudging the top 200. We spank 11* to 13* titans with the occasional 14* thrown in.

@AryaStark I’ll throw ‘We Don’t Kneel’ into the mix. We’re a mainly US alliance that’s been around almost 3 years. While we do enjoy our visits by friends we’ve made over the years, we generally try to keep the ‘revolving door’ to a minimum. We did that as we were growing and it was chaos :confused: We have our solid group of players - many that have been with us 1-2 years.

Here’s who we basically are. Feel free to reach out to me on Line at Kiann87 for more information if you’re interested :relaxed:

Titans: Currently hitting 10-12*. 12s are still a little tough for us as we don’t promote a lot of high-level items. We have a lot of F2P players and we respect that. We try to make it achievable for all. Titan flasks are your own to use, but most save them for rares.

Wars: This is a big focus of the alliance and everyone is involved. We do coordinate tanks. We also change teams depending on the war type. Since our alliance all fields 4k+ defenses, we don’t often utilize the reset timers, but we watch for the easier teams to respawn, etc.

There’s a lot of communication between players and not just the leaders directing who does what. After all, we’re all adults and should be able to decide what team we can hit :roll_eyes:

Padding your own personal score just to look better is not allowed. We do compare scores for fun, but we know it’s the final score that matters - it’s all in good fun.

Opting out is not an issue. If opted in, 6 flags are expected. If 6 flags aren’t used there are consequences. This holds for The leader down to a new member. We rarely have to use this but it does happen when a player gets stuck in a no-cell zone in the middle of nowhere… LOL

Other stuff: We have a Line group. It’s not required and about half the group is on it. We use it for sharing rosters, etc. Most of our communication is done in-game though.

Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome. Everyone’s on even footing. If you have a suggestion, just mention it and we’ll discuss it in chat - both pros and cons. We have a lot of knowledge players that can give input. If it’s something that sounds reasonable, we’ll try it out.

We’re all busy adults. We don’t have a goal of being the #1 alliance in the game, but we will do the absolute best that we can and still have fun doing it :grin:

Again, let me know if you’re interested. Message me on Line at Kiann87 and we can chat more.

Hi Arya,

Check out Brothers of the Sword in game (VerdantEarl, me is the leader). My line id is earlverdant if you prefer to use that form of messaging. Sounds like we are exactly what you are looking for. Can give you details on Line (which we do require for war strategy and communication).

We are currently hitting a 12* but we’ve been yo-yoing a bit between 12 and 11. We currently have 5 open slots. Lots of chatty individuals and resources for players of all levels.

Good luck finding a new home wherever you wind up.

Thanks for all the replies, we are going to take a few days sort though everything. Happy gaming!


Smart move. Good luck and hope you land in a great spot!

One more to consider: The Calypso!


OSTS 13/14*
Paradox 11/12*

We are also a very chatty group… communicate during War. Help each other out improving teams in down times…strategize… keep morals up… and just general stuff about our days

At Guardians Heroes, we love talking about the game and strategy.
We have one of the highest war scores per player, we play at a very high level for our rosters.
We share advice, our rosters, and suggest how each other can improve (nicely though).
Several of us place top 1% in each tournament.
And we’re a pretty fun bunch, cheering each other on during war and sharing videos of our hits (with… questionable music choices).

Come visit for a week and if you don’t like it, no hard feelings.

Easysteps#4173 on Discord, Tangy451#1600 (Discord) or tangy451 (Line).

Or just join up, someone is always online.

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