3 E&P ads in a row

Everytime i go to my kingdom, three ads show up one after another. The war package, guinevere hero ascending and some offer thing. This is really annoying. Please don’t overdo it!

What is your opinion on this matter?


I hear ya. I get a little annoyed, especially when I accidentally click on it. Then I have to close out of that window to get back to my base and I say - dang, I’m never gonna get that one second of my life back! :wink:

Definitely a tried and true advertisement strategy, can’t fault them for trying they got mouths to feed as well.

Yes. Me too. As the adds are always present at the edge of screen anyway I really do not need it to pop-up all the time…

It could be worse. At least you just click them away and they’re gone.

But yeah, 3 of them is about the maximum I’d tolerate without becoming slightly annoyed. Mind you I deliberately use the word “tolerate”, rather than “accept”. Tolerate means I basically don’t really like it but I do bear it.

At least you’re being reminded about what’s on offer all the time, lest you forget. There’s something to be said about that as well :wink:

The solution for this would be a “never show again” option. The special offers are always displayed somewhere in the screen as an icon so if you want to actually use it you can always find it.

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I’m sure they’re very poor and hungry.

It could be worse. A lot of games show adds that have nothing to do with the game itself. I will take these over that everyday and twice on Sunday…

That’s a really good idea.
Basically you say. " I got the msg, thank’s for that, now stop bothering me"

I mean this is basically a free to play game at it’s core so they have to make their money from somewhere.

It would be ok if it would appeair every 24 hours. But not 20x a day when I’m switching between my village and everything else. Enough is enough thing about the rainforest :joy:

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I’m sure they are making a lot of money :moneybag:. Don’t you worry about that.

@Zero2Hero I’m sure it is a lot of money but of course it also costs a lot to run a company. You think all the developers, IT department, administrators, janitors, and background staff work for free? Utility bills, property tax, government taxes, land tax, income tax, etc just magically disappear? Not to mention any investors or stock holders they have to keep happy. You expect them to not try to make as much money as possible to live as comfortable a life as possible for them and their family? All these offers are not mandatory it is up to you to buy because this game is free to play.

DMP, thank you for pointing out the other perspective.
People can sometimes get lost in their own bias and lose that other perspective.

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