3* derserve emblems?

After a long time of thinking, I have made the decision to emblem one 3* Hero in each class. up to node 6 (56 emblems) or Node 8 (70 emblems) which is quite equal to node 1 of a 5*

But who should i pick up, as far as I have a preselection it is marked with a star:

Barbarian: Nordri, Namahage, Azar
Cleric: Kailani, Mnesseus, cHawkmoon*
Druid: Melia, Kvasir, cBrienne, cBelith
Fighter: Arman, Gato, Valen, Muggy, Rudolph
Monk: Björn, Gan Ju, Shrubbear, Bauchan
Paladin: Tyrum, Gunnar*, Vodnik, By-Ulf, Ei-Dunn
Ranger: Berden*
Rogue: –
Sorcerer: Gill-Ra, Chochin, Jahangir
Wizard: G-Bat, Balthazar, Ulmer, Hisan

Thanks for any suggestions.
I will not manage it, to get 2 in each color, but I will try to get as close as possible


I heavily emblemed Kvasir and I consider him to be a 4* hero in disguise.

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Personally, I had added emblems to the following:
Mnesseus - Usable for cleric trials because he is the only cleric I have that can dispel
Valen - Fast with def down
Shrubbear** - don’t have him, but I would use emblems
Gunnar - have costume, nice for 3* tournaments
Dawa - (why not? don’t have any else for them with my lack of rogues at the time)
Jahangir - 3* speed tournaments

Edit: Forgot that I also added some to Kvasir.

I took Nordri to +20 and he is a beast. I will be taking Kvasir and Bjorn to 20 as well.

I’m really looking hard at Shrubbear.


Which path did you take him? I am thinking of doing that, given the amount of emblems I have.

I went attack for him. If you 3/2 stack blue he will kill 1-2 and then you have two blue hitters to finish them off. He is a little Oscar Papa and I lot of fun to use.

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@DaveCozy @Aunty_Krauser
May be albe to help yah they like to emblem the 3* :+1:

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Barbarian – Tough call between Namahage and Nordri. Personally I’d pick Nordri since he’s the only elemental defense dropper in the Rare rarity. But there is no wrong choice here.

Cleric – c. Hawkmoon. Really no question here. She is like a mini-Boldtusk which is awesome.

Druid – c. Brienne. She shines in events.

Fighter – best one IMO is Gato. One of the strongest snipers in the rarity and his ailment shield is very useful.

Monk – Out of those, Bjorn. Bane is a great choice too though and I’d pick him personally.

Paladin – Lots of good choices… but if I had to pick one, it’d be Tyrum. Specially if you have his costume, as he can flip between being a dispeller and a cleanser.

Ranger – Berden’s a great choice with or without costume

Rogue – this class unfortunately has bad choices in 3* rarity. If you have Carver’s costume though, consider him as he’s really the only good choice

Sorcerer – Chochin; hits three for good damage and with a good effect

Wizard – I’d go with Hisan. Balthazar is also tempting though. No wrong choice here


Kvazir, Bjorn and Nordri are worth it. They’re awesome.


Thank You all for your advices, especcially @DaveCozy for the detailled answer.

Here we go:
cBrienne - maybe I will make a 2nd druid, since there no really option for me in the 4* and 5* area, so maybe cBelith or Kvasir
I have not tried Björn yet, but will decide after levelling and testing
Close between cTyrum and cGunnar
Berden, no other choice
Close between Hisan and cBalthazar

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Agree with most of the people here. Have two Bjorns (lvl 4 and 9), others mostly up to 4 nodes so far - Nordri, c.Hawkmoom, Gato, also By-Ulf the paladin. People don’t like him, because after 4 turns he suffers some negative effects but I find him super useful in events and turneys.

Barbarians: Do Nordri first as he is the only 3 star currently with an ice defense down and if you are lacking Frida or Arthur, then this is your next best bet. Throw him in the mix with the spirit link berserker’s fury strat and the damage numbers on titans is so beautiful!!

Speaking of Brienne though, I personally have one at +20 and I am gonna max a spare so I can hop between the two and possibly use them both when it is the trials with cleric and druid. After Brienne I would go Melia then Kvasir.

For clerics do Hawkmoon first then Mnesseus. As I have Mnesseus at +20 and Hawkmoon at +15, with her costume she does awesome! Her costume is great for titan stacking with Wu Kong if you do not have BT.

Crud, your fighters and monks are some tough choices as for fighters only hero i cannot speak for is Arman as I don’t have him. I have the rest though and I would go Gato first because he hits hard, fast, has revive, and he can prevent future status ailments for himself and 2 neighbors.

Monks I would go Shrubbear. I cannot tell you how many times I had his taunt on and if someone like Richard or anyone with a status ailment targeted him, then the withstand kicked in he eats specials for breakfast! I have him at +15 and his defense is 909!! And that is going the full defense and hp route until then.

Sorcerer is simple. Gill-Ra. She is very flipping good at +20 and if you go the defense and hp route, she is an excellent tank for 3 star rush attacks.

Paladin, Gunnar especially if you have his costume. With the costume and his normal outfit at your disposal, he is a good Wilbur substitution until you get him.

Wizard, imo go Ulmer. He does both direct damage to all and defense down.


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