$3 chest not available to all

There appears to be a bug of the $3 chest for 6000 gems. Only some players got the offer. Please fix this bug by offering it to all players.


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The developers should offer a special epic offer for F2P to entice them to spend and an offer for paying users to continue spending. It really is not fair to the loyal users, I see this all the time with phone companies, cable companies and banks. They only offer these special rates for new customers to get them onboard. If they are not going to give it to everyone atleast they can do is have two different specials so everyone gets something.





Not offering it to all players is discrimination. Company could be liable for that.

A $3 internet game offer is not worth the effort, but what I will say is the negative feels generated are valued at a much higher price. Their failure will not be good for them in the long run IMO.

Price discrimination in itself is not illegal, at least not in the US. The reason most companies are very careful in how they implement such strategies is because of the blowback that they would get, as we see here.

Companies need to assume that their strategies will get leaked to the consumer, so open dialogue strategies are popular since consumers see the effort and tend to feel less betrayed.

the manner in how you run these offers and promotions I find to be very prejudice.

I have spent and others have spent $$$ and more, to progressing there games and hero’s to get a slap in the face.
If you put out a special offer it should be to everyone don’t make up excuses as being overwhelmed as you would have known about output and return before you made available.
This is a cheap way out. Please make offer available to everyone as the complaints will be flooding in.
I will be seeking legal advice on this matter as it’s not fair for so many.


Time for a class action lawsuit slayer.

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Blatant admission of targeting certain players for a massive deal, clearly discriminating against those not offered it.

I won’t buy another thing until the fairness is restored.


I may or maynoy of gotten the $3 offer. Ind/l the game but did not play it for awhile. I’ve been waiting for an offer but there hasn’t been one since the $29.99 one and that was $9.99 more than I could justify to my husband. Common give us something!

if people are already spendinf money on gems, why not give them a discount too. I have spent money on gems and I’ve also bought the specials. i.thinks it’s a nice gesture. I don’t think it’s fair to just offer it to new or people who don’t spend to entice them to spend. don’t forget about the ones who are already spending if we have the money to do it. if you don’t offer it to everyone then why bother spending anytime, rather wait for the special in which the game loses money

So the “I’m sorry” offer to everyone from the devs is now out!

And I just want to say thank you to the devs. I have publicly stated that I won’t spent a cent more on this game until the $3 offer was made to everyone. Yet I was starting to get worried… what if the devs sent out a $6 deal which matched the $3 one… or maybe a $10 deal that had 5000 gems… would I be able to resist the temptation to spend on it?

I was worried about keeping my promise. So THANK YOU devs, for giving such a craptastic “I’m sorry” deal to everyone that I have no problem keeping my promise. THANK YOU for helping me keep my word. Not a cent spent until the $3usd deal offered to everyone.


Yes I agree with you. Quite frankly I went back and totalled my spend on this game and was stunned that I have spent well over1200 ! I guess we who has been most beneficial to the further development of this game need to put a big STOP to doing that until something is done by the company. In real life gems don’t cost anything…so why not say a sorry to the folks who spend quite slot by giving them 10000 gems or so?


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