3* and 4* Teams Need more functionality

Besides competition events…

What I would like to see is more use for these 3* and 4* teams.
-A separate raid system or/and war system for each class allowing the max * level. (This would force a little more strategy and allowing for a learning curve before moving onto the bigger and better heroes. Another bonus I think this would give is the newer players would have something to do and a reason to start leveling up the 3* before going straight into the 4* heroes or 5* heroes.)

-Questing could be involved with this. Make Quests available to certain rosters levels with different level of rewards.

This would allow for new heroes to be created in the 3* and 4* tiers as well. And spice up not seeing the same old bland heroes day after day and just feeding them away.

I suggested this once (the raid part) and it was like talking to a wall :man_shrugging:

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If you look at the sneak peek for 2019 it would appear there will be a new raid system like this. Limiting star level, color and on the picture the “rule” is healing has no affect.


Didn’t look at the screenshot that closely. Thank You …


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