3* and 4* Rush tip!

Huge tip for 3* and 4* Rush events and we have a 4* Rush this week!! https://youtu.be/vBtS9EyjuHM


Thanks a lot!!! Now I’m going to try some adjustments in my defense team…

After that, I send the same team adapted to your advice. Pity that Wilbur doesn’t have a costume.

For this tip to work, the last emblem node needs to be active for the 4% mana. It also has to be regular Skittleskull. For this to work, it needs to be maxed emblems. This is mostly for offense/attacking as mana works differently on defense.


I’m not sure if using two healers could be effective… But I’m thinking in this formation:

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Interesting vid. Just wondering how much of a premium youd put on the likes of lancelot for the mana gen boost in rush attack wars? Would the ability to make up to 2 others 6 tile hitters outweigh his glass jaw?

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Not bad. I might want Sony a first for cleansing before the other fire and I might wing one of the healers so get Skittleskull into the fight faster.

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Sir Lancelot gives +25% which drops anyone to 6 tiles, but … a VF hero only needs 31% to drop to 5 tiles!

That said, If the heroes on either side of S.L. have maxed costumes (+5%), they can be of any hero class with the man a node to get to +31% (2% or $% nodes!) to drop to 5 tiles. That is super fast.

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