3* and 4* clean up

Black Friday has my roster backed up… need help deciding which 3* and 4* I can give the boot to… I know I’ll never get to level them all…

Valeria, Jariff, Guardian Lemur, Jarvur, Muggy, Hisan, Vollermork, Nasghar, Ameonna, Vlad, Agnes, Arman IMO (I skip those with higher levels like Boomer or Sumitomo)


Thanks for the suggestions. At this point, I’d consider getting rid of leveled heroes I won’t use anyway, if I have other ones that are better.

i did clean up afer yelow conquest, when i see that even on this quests i dont need them, this is my advice do not get rud of leveled one untill u see hom much u need rhem to do it other color quests

The game is evolving all the time… Even if a hero is weak now, he can get a new strong costume (like Domitia and her 2nd costume).