3 active warriors looking for the right home


If you haven’t found a home yet then you are in luck because TCW have vacancies!

Our alliance has been around just under a year and most of our officers are still made up of the initial batch of recruits. I’m coming up for my 1 year anniversary and haven’t considered leaving despite many offers from top alliances.

We’ve got a few players who are regularly in the top 100.

We are a competitive alliance but aren’t run like a military camp.

All we ask is that players hit the titans as soon as they come online and use all flags in war(we’ve actually maintained 100% flag usage in over 10 wars now).

We’re wavering between 9* and 10* titans, have 20 wins in last 28 wars and we use LINE app.

For wars we do have tactics but they are just based on coordinating hit times and we do run a single colour tank, we don’t tell people who to hit or what teams to use etc.

You can reach me on here, in LINE @andybsg or just search for ‘The Cowboy Way’ in game

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I am probably too late for the party, but if you are still looking, check us out: Down the rabbit hole… We are killing 10-12* titans (12* only when it’s a rare). We do have a sister alliance The Cheshire Cat, but we don’t force anyone to go there, it’s more casual, so if people can’t be as active or need a change, they request to go there. At the moment we have 28/30, but someone is going to the Cheshire Cat, so we’d have 3 spots.
Line id: konijntje-pluis

In addition to the post above, I should add we use Discord, not Line. Handier imo.

Also, no sister bands. Titan’s Grasp is more of a home than a stepping stone so you won’t see a lot of turnover and will get used to seeing the same faces on a daily basis. I have to say it’s nice to be in a place where you like everybody. :wink:

Rising Tides we use line check us out!

Have a look at the Big Wigs. We’re currently 10 players (merged with another alliance). So you wouldn’t be joining a group of 25 people that have been together for a long time. Rather you 3 would basically be a 3rd group within our alliance and can also influence us in terms of strategy :wink:
We’re chatty and active.
In case you have questions, contact me on Line :
Otherwise you can just come over and have a look for yourselves. We’re open (2000 cups required).

Just in case you haven’t found a new home, or if it isn’t a fit, I’ll throw our hat in the ring. You’d be very welcome at 7 Tattooed Cupcakes. The chat ebbs and flows but picks up when others are active. I’d love to add some chattier folks!

New-ish alliance with a mix of experienced & intermediate players (and a couple of beginners for good luck :wink:) . Looking for experienced, adult, daily players to join our international group. Would love to add some additional chatty folks but chat not required. Fighting 7/8* Titans (with 18/30)!

Required: 2000+ cups (negotiable) and 30+ heroes for war.

Alliance expectations:

• read and follow the Featured Message instructions

• Min.3 Titan hits in the first 10hrs after it spawns

• use all war flags according to strategy

• give full effort on Titans and War

• continue to learn & grow as a player

• don’t be a jerk

If this sounds like the right fit for you, send a join request today!

Hey ,I need help and would love some company,im trying hard to find people who will help me out plus make new friends

If you have not found your place yet, we have exactly the alliance you are describing. Epic Exiled Renegades is very chatty and synergistic, and we also hit well above our weight class in wars. 7-9* titans right now, would go higher with the 3 of you added. We have a sister training alliance, however that would not affect you in any way as that is only for people to go to if they are looking for a more casual, less competitive atmosphere. You would not be split up. We have a player who rotates in and out of US top 100, and we are very supportive with coordinated wars. If you are still looking, check us out. You are welcome to come visit for a couple of days, if you would like to see how you would fit with us. My line ID is countrygirlcg. I would love to chat further with you–

@Keg come to cream of the crop, we will show you the way

Thank you I sure will

We expect all flags used or opt out of wars
We expect all titans hit
If you will miss titan please let us know
From 600-2500 CUPS we have it all
If You NEED help its here also just ask
Come check us out You will be glad you did

25th Marik Militia sounds perfect for you. We have 27 players all active with about 10 of in Diamond trophies. Come check up out

Check out Project badass, we’re hitting 8-9* titans and very active in war. 4 of us push the top 100 at times, we have 22 members now and need to fill out the ranks a little bit

Apocalypse 831 is looking for members. Only real requirement is to use all war hits.

Must admit it sounds like what you are looking for is New world legends. Look us up and if it looks interesting let’s have chat about it

Hey I’m wanting to have someone who can’t spend money and needs a home here I’m not looking for daily playing just when you can

Some threads just refuse to die lol

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Recruiting, man. It’s just war.



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