3 active warriors looking for the right home


We need a home!!! That doesn’t resemble high-school :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
The three of us are beyond active. Used to fighting with 9* Titans and punching above our weight class in war. All of us are chatty and love to play… just hoping for a group that’s the same! We’re looking for a single alliance (no “family” groups, please) that lives to kill. One of us contends in the top 100 with a full war bench, two of us are working furiously to level and have 20-25 heros for war currently.
Strategy and synergy is all we’re looking for. Well, that and a whole lot of fun. :star_struck:


Can I ask why no alliance families?


We don’t want to be split up according to perceived power.
No offense to the set-up, it’s just not for us.


I see. I play in the alliance family ZERO. We don’t split people or force them up/down based on power. Alliances are not feeders for each other, they have their own identity and atmosphere.

Hit me up on Line if something looks interesting! Line id silver_dragon-r


The Titan Lord’s Wrath might be a long therm home for you. With your help we might be able to take on 8* titans. We are 28/30, but will make room for all three of you without hesitation at any moment. We also are in dire need of a war strategist, so any expertise in that field will be much appreciated!

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Hi Althea. You guys would be welcomed to join us. We are active and enjoy Fighting Titans and Wars. We have a really chatty and social group. Everyone works hard to be stronger each day. Come check us out at We Earn Our Scars. I am hoping that we are what you are looking for and come grow with us. Have a wonderful day and hope to hear from you. We are on a 6 Titan currently and normally range from 6 to 8.

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Lobster Stew would be honored to have you join us, we currently have three openings. We are killing 8* titans and hacking at 9* titans.

War is optional but you must send six teams out if you opt in (we understand that they may not be fully maxed heroes and contain some scrubs but the effort is important since war is a team enterprise).

We enjoy playing the game. We like winning more than losing so prefer to win when we engage in a battle. Real Life takes precedence to the game so just give a quick heads up beforehand if you know you will be away.

We aid our newer players and cheer each others’ milestones.

We range from level 23 to 48 and have some that can field six full 5* teams in times of war…

If you have questions please feel free to reach out via line: sternman


Right on. Thanks for the clarification Silver. We’ll take a look around!

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Cream of the Crop can fit all of yous, we are currently killing 7* but I’m sure with yous we can go higher. We are all active alliance with some really strong players.


Masters of Puppets is a small, but great alliance looking for active members…We dominate in almost every war and have excellent participation on titan battles! All are welcome, come join us!


Thank you all for your interest and invitations! We are obviously staying put through war and this Titan. We’ll be seeing some of you soon!!


I have an alliance family, wouldnt split u guys up, line id jrigs


Hi Althea,

Please while looking for a new alliance take us in consideration.
We have 9* titans. War is optional(if you are opted in all war flags must be used). We are keeping the count of unused war flags on 0 :slight_smile:. We are chatty and helpful, worldwide members, someone is always online.
You would be a good addition into our ranks.
If you want any other information feel free to contact me on line: 00Nihal00

Hope to hear from you :blush:


Adult only alliance that’s semi-serious (not like the top 100 but we coordinate war strategy and ask all flags be used. 9-10* titans and a small group of players that are learning/growing and 12 in diamond. Fairly chill about real life in that opting out of war is okay and generally very, very low drama.


Definitely check us out. We are active and like to have fun while beating titans and winning in wars. Currently facing 8* titans, could be more if we filled our alliance. We also understand real life happens so we don’t kick people if they go absent unless it becomes a regular thing. Ctrl-Alt-Destroy is our name.


As @SilverDragonR said, chaos family is all independent alliances. Nobody is forced up or down dependent on anything. Hit me up on line @ dLm_mage, so we can chat more @Althea_told_me

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Hi. Mindflayer has space for all 3. Chill alliance. Hitting 9 and 10* titans. War optional. But if you opt in we expect all hits to be used. Nice relaxed atmosphere.


Crimson Avengers would love to have you team up with us


Indigo Tide has room for you three.

Taking out 9* Titans, score around 4K in wars +/- a few hundred. 100% war participation. Coordinated wars.

We have a handful of players that hit the leaderboards. Some lower level players in the alliance still, but they are active and contribute to the success of the alliance, so they have earned their spot.

We do have a FB chat group and group page for sharing ideas & general banter. Come check us out.


Check us out: …AND FREEDOM RAINS! we are 24 at the moment and I think together we can do a pretty good job!