3^70 Magni now or 4^80 Richard later?

I currently have Richard at 3^70 and Magni at 2^60. I can ascend Magni now to level 3 as I have all of the requires mats. However I am only 1 telescope from being able to ascend Richard to level 4.

I have 5 warm capes and 5 out 6 telescopes plus 3 compasses and 1 Damascus blade.

Aside from these guys, I just pulled Isarnia today and haven’t started levelling her. So three blue 5* heroes all together.

Other 5* heroes:

Vivica 3^70 ; Joon 3^35; Leonidas 2^24; Delilah 1^16

Sartana 3^70; Domitia 3^44; Quintus 1^1; Guardian Panther 1^1

Zeline 3’70; Lady Locke 2^60; Kadilen 2^1; Horgall 1^8

Natalya 3^70; Marjana 1^35; Khagan 1^1;

4* heroes of note:

Fully levelled: Wu Kong; Gormek; Boldtusk; Melendor; Richard; Sonya.

Recently pulled (i.e. not close to being levelled) Jackal; Guardian Falcon; Caedmon; Kiril; Grimm

Any ideas?

Might think about a budget hahaha.


On another hand…I have never been bothered to see Richard when raiding. Magni has killed

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Magni is widely considered the best blue hero after Athena, and is significantly better than Richard imo. I’d strongly recommend leveling Magni to 3-70 now and using your telescopes on him rather than Richard once you have 6.


Magni to 3-70 and Magni to 4-80.

Then you do a Magni tattoo and a Magni poem to redeem yourself to even had thinked to ascend Richard :person_in_lotus_position:


So it is written, so shall it be done…

(the ascending Magni part…not so much the tat or poem! :wink:)

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Awww, I was looking forward to the poem!

I love my Magni. I’m sure you will too! :slight_smile:

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Well ok Rook, here it goes,I thought this might be fitting for a Magni poem (certainly not a bluenoser original! Lol)

Ode To A Hero

My heroes are those who all be brave
Those who fight, and triumph, against many a knave
My heros are those who be proud
Who take a stand and never back down
My heroes are those who be wise
Who live, and learn, and see through lies
But most of all My heroes are kind
Who really try to make things right

by bernstien stuart