3*-4* bad heros when training at level 20

:fire::fire::fire:. Is what I set my phone. ON FIRE. Training at level 20 since before summer. Scarlett was only the good ok hero.

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Are you talking about training camp 20? :woman_shrugging:

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I feel your pain. Do what you can with what you have. Makes the game more fun!

@1987MP. I’m sorry for your frustration. I would urge you to continue with tc20 assuming you’re still enjoying this game. It’s a very good source for 5* heroes, especially for those that spend less. There’s a thread I’ve linked below where you can see people’s results. On average, it appears to have a 5% chance which is the best percentage found in the game! That said, as all things with percentages, you’ll find those within and beyond a single standard deviation. I for myself am closer to 4% :man_shrugging:. That’s averaged over quite a few pulls (maybe near 300 for me - it’s been a while since I’ve looked at my stats though I am still keeping them).


Oh don’t worry plenty of Graymane’s, Prisca’s, Renfeld’s…and I HATE to even spell her name…Dawa’s will all show up on time. They normally proceed Friar Tuck who’s still trying to find where the party is.
Gormek must have accidentally wandered in one day, saw there were 5 doppelgänger’s of himself and jumped off the SH wall… haven’t seen a 5* at all. So I just consider it a good feeding TC until possibly the Hero Academy shows up.

I think my return rate of 5* on TC20 is closer to 6.5%. It helps to do a lot of them; I’m only at 135 over years.

For some perspective, I’ve got one 5* from a hero coin, and maybe one from the summon gate, compared to eight from the TC20.

Best of luck to you @1987MP wherever you get them from!! :wink::+1:


up to level 49, I only have 5 5 * heroes … all efforts have been made, but the admin doesn’t give 5 *. really hope the admin can be fair, so that this game becomes exciting again

At least they are good food.
Yeah, getting 5* from TC can get frustrating, but they’ll eventually come :slight_smile:

Don´t wanna ruin the fun, but the chances of getting 5* heroes from tc 5 are superior than other summons…