2x Richard and 2x Boril?

I was lucky(?) enough to pull 2xRichard. 1 from a challenge summon and one through the costume event summon.
He is only my 2nd five star toon (1st was white rabbit from wonderland event). I definitely will level one of them and the costume, but i’d like to hear opinions about the 2nd one.

I also have a 2nd (4star) Boril, also unlevelled atm. Both blue heroes, so for the moment not planning to touch them till i run out of blue projects. I already run a TC20 and upgrading a 2nd TC to 20 to further my roster.

My other 4star heroes are : Rigard (4^70), Kelile (4^70, also got a 2nd unlevelled), Caedmon (4^70), Boril (4^70), Colen (4^45), Boldtusk (3^41, costume 3^60), Lancelot (unlevelled yet, too many reds atm), Skittleskull (2^39, costume 1^31), Liu Xu (4^61), Wu Kong (unlevelled)

Awaiting your suggestions.

My suggestion, as much as most newer players don’t like to hear it, is to wait on the 5* for a bit. From experience I know that getting a 5* the first time is so exciting, and you want level it right away, but most of the time you get to 3/70 and are locked because you don’t have materials to ascend.

So I suggest building a good base of 4* first, 3 or so in each color.

So finish your started projects (colen, Boldtusk, li xiu) and then do Wu Kong who is key for titans at your stage.

I wouldn’t do a 2nd Boril, unless you just get stuck with no blues to work on. I’d even start 3* teams before a 2nd Boril.


Agree to some extent, but Richard with costume if you’ve got the materials is worth doing. With a moderate level of mana troop (probably check if you have that, past node 7 from memory), and his full costume bonus, he charges in 9 tiles, which to me is the biggest jump in the game

This makes him better at tank (his main mid game utility), but very usable generally probably forever. That single tile makes an enormous difference

So if you have the materials to take him and his costume all the way, and you don’t spend heaps, do him after your current batch of fours I say

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You’ll have it suggested all around these forums to level up your 3s and 4s first, and that’s pretty good advice.

That said, if you have mats to take a Richard + Costume to 80, he’ll do you a lot of good. For a second one?..probably not. Maybe if you had 12 Scopes, and still no other option…

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No need for second Boril in my eyes. Better wait for Sonya,Kiril or Grimm. Or Triton from Atlantis.You really won’t ever need second one.

Level one Richard…but level his costume more. Only do Richard for the ascension then do the costume as much as possible.
Bring Richard only to level 3.1 but his costume to 3.70. Then you will have a fine hero to play with for maps, raids, tourneys and titan. His costume version is stronger.

If you have no other 4* to level in the meantime, bring original Richard to 3.70. Wait on ascending him as the last ascension for both original and costume together is costly…8 warm cloaks and 6 telescopes. That’s costly for a new player. With that 8 warm cloakes better do 2 other 4* instead.

I brought the costume to 4.80 (max) but stopped the original hero at 4.1. With this I get the full costume bonus but save feeders for 173k XP as I don’t have any paladin emblems for him.

Do the second Richard not before you have at least 2 more blues at 4.70 max lvl and then only to 3.70 only if you need more heroes for war.But this will be a long time.

In my honest opinion, and I have this hero, level Richard and his costume to max. Put emblems on him and use him as your tank.
You will not be disappointed.
But it’s also important to get at least 3 x 3* rainbow teams to max as a good basis for your roster. Then move to say 4 x 4* rainbow teams before you work on your 5*
I wouldn’t rush to fully level a 2nd Boril. Wait until you get some other 4* Blue from either a pull or from your TC20.
Finish what you started with Boldtusk, Colen, Li Xiu and Wu Kong
And I wouldn’t rush to max a 2nd Richard. There are lots of others that you can get from TC20. Remember this is a game if patience
Good luck


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