2Qs… who to level AND raid defense suggestions?!

Been playing for a couple months, got impatient with just leveling 3s and did some 4/5* but should I turn back to 3s or keep going on 4s? Who would you suggest I level next?

Also…I keep losing raid & war defense, what am I missing? Any advice/pointers/suggestions??

My roster by color below … thanks for any help!

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you can level heroes in any order you desire. 3* are the fastest to work on so they dont take as much time. i need “new” 3* heroes for tournaments and events, so i am currently working on some 3* of various colors. you level based on what you need. you will get to a point where you have a lot of heroes and not enough time to work on all of them

for raids, the key to winning is the line up of your heroes.
from left to right: healers, boosters/def down, counter attackers, attackers
for example:
kiril/boldtusk (heal+attack up), tiburtus (attack+def down), caedmon (removes status ailments), yellow attacker, blue/red attacker

rainbow teams are the best option, if you stack up on a color, your opponent can also stack up on the color that is stronger and easily beats you.

once you start a project finish it. a fully maxed 3* is stronger that a partial 4*. a fully maxed 4* is stronger than a partial 5*.
finish up the partial you have, even if you pull a new shiny hero:

  • finish up tiburtus, merlin and cyprian for your purples, cyprian can be your tank with his counter attack.
  • for your yellow finish up: jackal, li xiu, sally and drake fong. drake fong will take some time so finish up the faster ones first
  • for you blues, kiril, triton and gunnar should be finished
  • greens: melendor, kashhrek, caedmon, hansel, brienne, isshtak
  • reds: boldtusk, namahage, zagrog and elena should be maxed. your 5* at least get them to 3/70.

as for who should be up next:

  • merlin, guardian bat
  • gretel, chao, melia
  • jarif, captian of diamonds for his special
  • Lady of the lake is a must, she is a massive pain and i hate you for having her lol. gramps is a reviver
  • rokkamush, sir lancelot, colen

you will get new heroes so this order will be changed as you go. but i will say this again, once you start working on a hero, max it before you move to someone else.

good luck!

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Just from what it looks like, yes.
Seems you are even missing 3* mats so you can’t ascend your 4* heroes, and if even those are not there lvling 5* makes probably not much sense at the moment.

Finish tyrum both versions, you get a nice cleaner/dispeller.
After that renfeld c, nice Manacontroll hero.
Maybe a second Treevile.
Than merlin at 3.60.
If you have the mats I would probably ascend tibs first.

Finish Sally
Lvl pixie, Melia two great heroes.
If you don’t have 3* mats maybe some 3* dupes.
If you have them Max guardian jackal element def down is just so useful.
Than either Li or Gretel. Li better for defense, Gretel better for offense.
After that Kara and drake, both great heroes. Maybe you can even try to bring Kara to 3.70 a little bit earlier, taunt is so a powerful skill, you can probably use it even if it’s not max really often.

Finish Gunnar (and hope for the costume)
Maybe Jarif.
After that either you get another good blue 3* or make your 4*.
Kiril definitely before Triton.

Finish brienne, great hero (hope for the costume, I use it even against 14* titans, really good hero)
Gramps is funny.
Berden, mnessus maybe.
After that 4*
Melendor c is just great
Hansel maybe if you want more Manacontroll (you can’t really have to much of those)
Caedmon is a nice dispeller.
Gadeirus c for overheal.

I probably wouldn’t do kashrek and not sure about the bunny, I don’t have the costume but it doesn’t read so good.

And LotL (Lady of the lake) with costume is also one of the 5* you could probably bring on early to 3.70 maybe between lvling the 3* and 4* or after one or 2 maxed 4* heroes.

Finish namahage
No idea about the flamingo
After that definitely boldtusk.
Colen (and hope for the cos)
Maybe lancelot
I wouldn’t do rokkamush
After that your 5*
Both Elena c and zagrog are worth mats but you don’t have to hurry with those.

And like always this is just a recommendation, not an absolute Masterplan that must be followed by the letter. Regardless what heroes you choose good luck and happy gaming :+1:

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You got such excellent advice up there already, I can see :arrow_up:

This game is a lot of learning by doing, too, I want to add. :slight_smile: Whenever encountering a new hero, or new setup in raids and wars, I always learn something from it. Especially when I am not victorious. :blush:

Have fun :wink: