2nd Victor or 1st Khiona

I am aware that Kageburado is out, but I’ve done my pulls and I didn’t get him, so the decision is between Victor and Khiona. Knowing that I already have a Victor maxed, which one should get the AM (also, Victor is the only hero I have maxed that does DoT)?

I am wondering why Khiona never got leveled in the first place? In my opinion she is more useful than Victor.

My Victor will be going to 70 when Proteus is finished. Maybe straight to 80 if I get a run of tabbards(4).

She is sitting at 3/70 right now and I like her there, but I tried my first Victor at 3/70 and he is too squishy (even with the defense buff).

I leveled them the other way around. Khiona was helping my team so much at 3/70 that I had to take her all the way. It has really paid off.

I haven’t played around with Victor but will max him when I get my tabbards.