2nd time gems disappeared


Before ~2 months roughly 600 gems disappeared from my account. The support told me that they checked the logs and found out that i did a frozen chest purchase. I dint believe them because i generally ignore them especially if i am farming gems in order to get 2600. I asked them to provide the log files for evidence. They never replied again.
Today ~roughly 200 - 300 gems again disappeared from the account and i get really angry slowly because this time i paid money.
No i dint purchased anything and neither i summoned. This amount of gems are worth a lot of money and are worth slowly 3 summon.
1: Why is not a confirmation button for any kind of activity included?
2: Once gems are used is should be tracked and made available for users.

Does anybody has same experience?


No, because confirmation screens are typically available for all purchases (I got one for every purchase during the Event, and also when I used my gems on the Summon Gate 4x this last week).

Here is a sample confirmation screen when I try to spend 200 gems (troop summon):

If you are having an issue with purchases, Game Support is the only one who can help you:


I’ve managed to do a common summon for 150 gems once when I was barely awake - it sucks, but we do stupid stuff sometimes. In any case - contact the support guys.

Never have any gems disappeard from my account without me knowing :slight_smile:

I just tried to buy the $4.99 VIP pack to see what happens…for that purchase, I had to type in my password (though others might not have the same safety settings that I do…)

There is a confirmation on the Daily Summon screen as well (I just checked), so the burden of proof is on the OP.