2nd seasons woww

We would like to send a complaint to the
game administration about the second season of the game, where we were surprised to find that each stage of the map needs 16 world energy flag to achieve both the normal and difficult levels, which makes most players stop playing continuously in the map , as well as the inability to complete the excavations.

The second complaint is regarding the wu kong, where its failures have increased and is no longer as effective as before in titan , which will result in a delay in most of the alliances from what it used to be , because of the weak strikes.

The third complaint would be about the power of tarlak, which is considered as an epic and destructive force that makes the player who possess it far more superior than the player who does not . We haven’t found a hero yet which increases the strength of 160 percent without failure, and that makes it almost inevitable to have by most players, yet it is difficult to get and the chances of its appearance are very rare and expensive.


That’s not a picture of Tarlak

the whole Atlantis summon is a bad idea, the increase of the price is another slap on everyone face, making the summon 3 days only after having an event like Avalon which made most people spend their savings both gems and money trying to get 1 yellow hero is another slap to the face.

bringing back old HOTM was suggested but im sure people didnt want them to back more expensive than what they really cost, they could add old HOTM to elemental summon and the new HOTM to legendary summon gate for example and tarlak/misandra could be just new heroes to add to both TC20 plus blue / green summons.

clearly the devs are not looking how to entertain you and get some extra cash of it, they just want fast big shots which will make you only think how long the devs are planing to keep this game up ? are they trying to force people to quit ? are they trying to make their spenders move to diff games ? are they afraid from alot of cases and chargebacks if they close the game from their end and trying to make people quit the game till it die ?

it was a mistake from my side to spend money on a game from a small gaming company because usually thats what new born companies do, they dont have big cash to build something that get them stable so so income monthly, they make a game they milk it players like cows till they reach its max and then let it die and close the whole company or start another game that got stable so so income and become a big name between the gaming companies.

as far as i see things here they are trying to get the max they can get in 2018 which will make you wounder, what those guys got in mind for 2019 ?

PS to anas. This is abdullah


I think you guys should just delete the game and walk away. It seems like it would be better for all. It sounds like you’re having a terrible time.


i think when you dont like a post you better ignore it, dont waste your time typing :wink:


Mate every time you make post or comment, it’s complaining about something. Every time you make a comment, you threaten to quit and stop spending money. All I’m saying is that you would probably be happier without it. Just a bit of friendly feedback from an outsider looking in :slight_smile:


@bae people are telling what they want. thats their rights. If so many people are complaining, then something is definetly wrong…

OR perhaps some people get their rocks off by complaining about everything


yeah yeah, just spend your money in silence, right?


if you are following my posts as you say, you would know i was defending the devs in the post made by 7DC leader and i have been attacked by majority of people for supporting the devs, but when you make reports and it get ignored, when you see over 1000 ideas suggested and 0 implemented, when you see almost 85% of the players are not happy and posting about how bad this game became, when you see that there is something wrong with the whole summon system personally 250+ summon to get redhood > 650 summons to get g-panther > 1200+ to get guin > and try 400+ atlantis summons and get 0 five start old or new maybe it need 2000+ summons now to get something new i donno? and when you ask around and see the exact same results from others.
and finally when most none english speakers ask you to make a post about it and they will support it by replies and when everyone you know stop spending for the same reason and when you lose a member of your ally every day that got enough of this crap, then yes i will change sides and speak up.

as i said i wanted to quit but who remained from my friends who is still playing asked me to not quit and since then i barley open the game so what im doing now is not for me is for the people who still want to play, for me i lost interest playing this game since they added avalon event back.


In next event you will make 400+ summons again? If so the devs are right the cow still have much milk.

ofc not lol 400 is what have been left in my account, i didnt charge more gems

so what happened to the whole “take my money” thread where you were mad, and you said you weren’t spending anymore?

Like I posted there, why do you think the system is the way it is?
You said you were done with spending, yet 2 weeks later you apparently bought 400 Atlantis summons.
That’s why the system is like this.

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read 1 reply up


So, you’re saying you just had enough gems for 400+ pulls hanging around since Avalon. Mkay, I guess you have nothing to do with the terrible system after all :wink:

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yes i did, i charged alot in avalon to get guin and avalon wasnt that far away to spend the remaining gems on anything else.

and do you want to blame the players for supporting the game and not the devs for getting greedy? go ahead put the blame on me

No one has argued against supporting the developers.
Of course they are greedy. But they’re greedy because people buy. The prices are the way they are, because people are prepared to pay those prices for 250, 650, 1200+, 400+ pulls.

But I won’t comment on your posts anymore, because you just want sympathy and I cannot give it to you.

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The forum is here for constructive feedback and to connect with others. It’s not constructive when it’s just constant negativity. It’s easy to not play if it doesn’t suit you. That’s all I’m saying.

o.O i didnt ask you to not reply to my posts lol, you were asking questions and i was answering them, and im not looking for sympathy cuz that wont make the game better for all, if you are happy with where this game is heading, if you cant see the near end, then i cant tell you more im sorry.

if you decided to not reply to my posts any more thats your choice ofc and i respect it, but im always open to conversations like yours because its healthy and good to hear other players point of view even if i disagree with some or agree to the other :slight_smile:


I want every body know that i had tarlak but tarlak need much money and he is different about other heroes

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