2nd round in Alliance War just not fun


Is it just me or is the 2nd round of an Alliance War just not Fun?
The 1st round is great… It’s your best 3 teams up against your enemies defensive team 1.
Then the 2nd round comes, and it really becomes pointless. Your enemy re-spawns their primary defensive team 1, but now you have or perhaps don’t have a team 4, 5, and 6…all of which might be very minimally powered. Hardly enough to make a dent vs your enemies defensive team 1.
My suggestion - have a 1st round defensive team and a different 2nd round defensive team. Now there’s a possibility of your minimally leveled 2nd round teams going up against a lesser powered enemy defensive team 2.
What do you all think?


It’s still fun, you just have to be more strategic and realize that chances are you won’t be able to take the enemy down with one flag unless you get a really lucky board. Usually when I get to the second round, I’ll triple up on 3*s opposite color of the tank and then try to take down the rest with the next flag.


When you improve your bench more it gets more interesting. Also it is fun to try and put together a team that can beat 300+ or even 600+ above their team power. All about picking the right heroes for the job.


I have around 70 5*,4* and 3* heroes and still not enough to make all 6 good attacks in war…

I guess guys at SG want us to play this game forever…


Well, yea…

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The heal enemy aid actually makes it worse in the second half. it’s the least fun of everything. everyone railed on the arrows but at least your weaker teams could do some damage, now weaker teams damage just gets healed.


It makes alliance teamwork much more important. One person softening up a foe for someone else to finish off.


I completely agree with you! It is so annoying when we are fighting against enemies who uses health regenerating defense. I just finished fighting a less powerful team at “3210 power” which none of them died. My team is at “3800” with solid troops, but no one survived!


AW is so important to SG that they need it to work and supported by the community, instead of having 10 - 15 heroes for Titan event or raids, you need to double your roster, so need to spend gems for summons, kind of pointless having a lot of heroes but you can’t level them for war, hence it’s not fun playing with a team of 5* or 4* on 1-30 or 2-30, you can’t even kill one of the defensive heroes. If SG want AW to work they need to increase their AM drops. I’m not spending US $100 for a tome of tactic like the celebrating comic book day.


Mix up your teams or use some weak ones early. There are different strategies here. I won 5/6 battles this week and the one I lost was with one of my top teams. I’m happy with those results (my best to date).


Exactly. It’s more about strategy later on and extracting as many points as possible or setting up a teammate for an easier kill. It wouldn’t be as fun if you were winning all 6 battles every time with top teams.


I think it would be fun to have to set up 3 defensive teams.

There would be a lot of strategy involved.


I can’t reiterate enough how UNFUN the ■■■■ heal is. My poor alt, who is saddled with your RNG crap for heroes has to make do with garbage heroes like cyprian and boril and kasshrek. Which normally during the arrow or attack raids they can at least do some damage, but the heal literally makes those guys worthless as attackers. It’s literally the MOST UNFUN thing there was. I just had to lose a war battle to time because the only defender left on the field before I’m going to bed was 3 healers. I don’t care about losing that happens, but the dragging on and the inability for any of your damage to stick is just utter bullshit.

Wars are the only thing keeping me in your game and I really enjoyed them…when it was just the arrows, but the heal is completely not thought out well and the most negative play experience in this game. I have more fun bashing my alt’s teams into a Guin defense and winning 40% of the time than I do with the wars with the heal. UNFUN. :slight_smile:


But, when wars only had arrows, my lower end teams would get wiped out by them due to them doing way more damage than they do now. Initially was 25%? Total health pool and now 25% of current health. The healing version of the 3 now is definitely the most annoying at end of roster. If they stack heals I will hit where I can, if I’ve done damage and board looks shaky I flee. Especially if the bar is full, come back in and hope they don’t end up with more health then when I started lol.


Seceond round is clearly more a Team Play and I like it. It’s all about managing the remaining flags and heroes of the alliance to make most damage.


I love the second round best. It’s make do with what you’ve got. It’s challenging. It’s taking heroes out for a stroll that haven’t seen sunlight in a while.

No, I don’t score nearly as much points as in the first round, but I still pack a punch.

I’m levelling 5 heroes at a time (“rainbow levelling”), so every war most of my teams get slightly better. And there’s still so much levelling to go, that’s awesome.


@Dante2377 - the healing aid IS annoying. But it goes a long way towards balancing the odds for lower level players that don’t have high level healers for their defense. It may not be an issue for your alliance or the alliances you are fighting, but for alliances with mixed levels of players, it helps to balance the field.


For us it’s teamplay getting the bonus for killing a team in the 3rd round. AFAIK the matchmaking depends on the strength of 30 heroes. So you dont need a perfect roster to win. Together with the opt out, last war was fun for us.


Who says you have to use up all your strong heroes in the first round?


In my experience lower bench players have trouble dealing damage; their defense is going to get beat with or without heals but on offense with arrows or attack at least they can do some damage or take out a tank. with healing their weaker but non lethal damage just gets healed. and it makes cleanups, which are typically where lower power teams can get points, much more difficult.