2nd Kingston, Zocc or Greg?

Which to level? Have Telly and Kingston and Kadillen maxxed.

2nd Kingston imo. Just comparing those 3 heroes, he’s the best out of them.
The only instance where Greg would be better is for titans imo. :slight_smile:

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Greg i would choose for titans, yes. Zocc maybe for an anti GTV mono green teamin which my 1st emblemed Kingston would be resistant to fire and Zocc resistant to Vela water damage and Mana Controller.

Thing is for Zocc or Gregorion I have emblems, for 2nd Kingston, not.

Don’t discount Zocc’s use against titans (preventing the titan special is useful … especially for time. The titan specials can take up too much time with graphic animation … so shaving time off helps with more tile damage.)

I have used Zocc for a Event level bosses… and that mana control is useful for finishing the bosses and achieving higher scores for events where you can replay the stages).

Mana control is useful. Period.


At your likely level,you might have a level 23 mana troop. If so, there is a difficult choice between Greg and Zocc , and I’d probably choose Zocc for the mana control.

If you don’t have that level troop I’d probably still say Zocc, but it is closer. Personally don’t level dupes if I have a somewhat viable alternative

And lastly, variety is fun! Which is what we are here for




Greg it was, gives better damage and critical boost must be nice for titans. For mana control I will stay for now with Peters and Hansel

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I’d probably do Greg if he can improve your titan loot tier for blue titans. It will lead to getting more ascension mats long term. This will help you with ascending other heroes.

Don’t use Telly on titans. Buddy, Almur, Greg, Kingston, Buffer (Wu, Miki, etc) makes a decent blue titan team.

Almur or Evelyn are not in my roster, unfortunately. Telly is not in my titan team. Buddy and Wu, than Kingston, and two others (Melendor, Brynhild, maybe Peters). greg will replace one of “two others”.

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