2nd Joon or 2nd Delilah

The title says it all. I have six darts to spend on a 2nd Joon or 2nd Delilah. In addition to the aforementioned heroes, I also have Leonidas and Justice maxed.

My others 5*s are a fair balance of snipers and support heroes, but I am leaning towards Delilah as I figure I can always use another healer. Wars are my main focus.

Then I thought: why not ask folks from the forum what they think. And here I am… :grinning:

Second Joon is probably more versatile overall, being useful to double-team against titans & in raids.

Second Delilah is really only going to be useful in Wars.

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Joon or wait for another hero

♪♫♪♫Hey there delilah, you be good, and don’t you miss me…♪♫♪♫

♫♪♫♪Oh it’s what you do to me, oh, it’s what you do to me…♫♪♫♪

Agreed with above. You can’t really use two Delilah’s together but you CAN two Joons. Unless you absolutely need two Delilah’s for wars I’d lean towards a second Joon.

Plus, there are plenty of great 4* healers that you can use in wars but very few 4* snipers.

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I have terrible luck with yellows so when I got my second Joon from Tc20 I was quite happy. Waited a while to see if anything else turned up…no of course… and have maxed him. Currently using both on a Titan. Have not regretted it

Sesh Delia Ursl Delia Sesh

The yurple minion mega threat.
My vote goes to Delia.

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got to get freya in there somehow…

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