2nd Jackal or Hu Tao or Leonidas to 70?

Since I got a fair amount of hits on my last green ascension question, I wanted to pose another one to the peanut gallery.

I did two 10x pulls during the first knights event. It yielded me two Jackals. I immediately took one to 4/70 and the other to 3/60. That was a long time ago. I’ve gotten Hu Tao and Leonidas (and the others below) since then.

Who would you take to 70?

My lean is the second Jackal. Why? I love overpowered pieces of glass, and that -54% holy is so useful, even firing consecutively at the same target can inflict some pain (like a boss). I’m sure Hu Tao is fine - he looks pretty balanced, but I mostly play titans and events. And I know either of these 4* at 70 will have better stats than Leonidas, so he’s not really on my mind. I don’t think I will take him to tier 4, even though I have the resources to do it. I enjoy playing the Jackal/Wu stack too much.

My other holy 4* heroes: 4/70 Jackal, 4/70 Wu Kong, 4/53 Chao

How many orbs and dards do you have?

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I’d hoard in that scenario; Leo doesn’t provide anything else at 70 and not sure he’s worth at 80, and Chao is good enough for 3rd yellow on titans. Is a second Jackal somewhat better than Chao? Maybe, but ultimately if you’re rolling at all you will likely get a better option in the future and you may wind up wishing you had them.


I was thinking that too… next month HotM Will be yellow, so wait, you dont need it now…
If until there some Joon pop up, you have your option.

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I have 12 orbs and 8 darts…

I was thinking a level 70 jackal may be good for AW…but I probably should wait.

Ok, you have enough orbs to fully ascend a 5* even if you use 4 on another hero.

Personally i love the second Jackal idea. Fighting minor purple titans with 2 Jackals and a Wu would be devastating.
For big ones probably they are too fragile, and keep on health both the Jackals and Wu would be kinda problematic, but Hu Tao is not a choice too for big titans.

Just wait a bit for now.
We have yet to know if AW will be on the same mechanics as we already seen, or they are working to put in place some big change (hopefully, the multi-defence team)

In that case, maybe having a Hu tao would not be so bad.

So I now have 15 orbs and 9 darts…anyone want to change their ‘wait’ opinion?

A second Jackal at 70 isn’t a benefit for AW?

What do you think? Do you have any card you are trying to get that you want more than this? :slight_smile:

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I know, I am really looking for someone to talk me out of the 2nd Jackal by the time I finish leveling Chao. I did notice recently on a titan that two ray strikes in a row does a ton of damage (thanks to -54%, of course).


I can only imagine how hard a dual jackal, wukong stack would hit against titans with a good board.
I run wukong jackall often. Good enough for rank 1000 advanced n the lastest event. And that was running wu, jack, grim, 3/65 azlar, melendor
and the others were all 3rd tier max

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Yeah I think that I will probably take 2nd Jackal to 70…but will still wait a bit to see if I can;t get another 5* yellow.

I wanted to post an update - with Leo’s recent buff, and if I told you I had 10 darts and 15 orbs, would you take Leo to the top? I have not actioned anything at this stage.

Probably. Depends how often you pull for new heroes…I assume you don’t have Guin, Joon, Musa, or Viv. Those are realistically the heroes you’d ascend first (maybe Justice if you need a tank and don’t have Guin). If you’re really spending then chances are you’ll come up with a Viv or Joon, BUT even if you ascend Leo, you’d have 4 darts and 7 orbs left, so a 2nd yellow could get 3/70 right away and not too far off from 80.

My answer is “probably but it depends”

Same here.
Do you want to spend? How many Tc20? Do you use them for legendary or for level up what you have?

Leo is still the worst out of the 4 regular (less then before, but still not a great hero), so i personally take him to the top only as a last resource or out of misery for not having something better for a looong time.

I have 4 TC20’s now, all shut down to feed new people after doing unsuccessful pulls for Zeline. I do need a 5* yellow that doesn’t shatter when an 8* titan looks at them :slight_smile:

Team below - does that change anything?

5* - Perseus 4/80, Ares 4/80, Sartana 4/55, Leo 2/60, Lianna 2/39, Elena, Obakanx2, Domitia, Quintus not started
4* - 4/70: Jackal, Caed, Wu, Sabina, Skittle, Boldtusk, Sonya, Scarlett
On tier 4 on the way to 70: Grimm, Gormek, Rigard, Chao, Melendor
Also leveling to tier 4: Tiburtus
Sticking at 3/60: Colen, Boldtusk 2, Kiril, Jackal 2, LJ, Hu Tao, Cyprian

As you have already 10 darts, I think you will be able to have 2 yellow 5* soon.
But you should think that you already have Jackal and Wu max level, they CAN HANDLE 8* titans (I know because I am like you, no yellow 5* and have both). I just made 56k hits on a 9* dark titan with these two yesterday!
So yes, you can afford to wait for the best heroes to ascend. When you get your next 5* you start to think it over again.

Yeah - I use them to, but they are high maintenance on an 8* :slight_smile:

When I’m choosing a hero I also think about how interesting they’ll be to play for me. Can I use their strengths to strategize? Does it fit my team? Is it an awesome looking character? I’m not always looking for raw damage. I think Leo is cool thematically and at least with the recent buffs you do know they are keeping a watch on him. They may adjust further. Maybe try to seek him out in raids to VS a team with him. I would’ve ascended him if I got him, but looking for Zeline I got Vivica.
I get where you’re coming from, I think Leo used to be on the same playing field as Kadilen. Even though she’s my only 5* green, I refuse to ascend her because I also don’t think her cool factor is greater than her weaknesses.

I do think he is a good fit on raids for my team. The AI seems to go after jackal a lot, and if he’s dead, he’s (generally) useless.

I’ve faced him a few times - he does pack a nice hit when he fires. If he was a fast mana person this isn’t even a post I make :slight_smile:

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I didn’t really play much beta for 1.10 (was distracted my apologies) so I didn’t really get to test Leo much but if we’re just talking titans:

Grimm / Jackal / Ares / Jackal / Wu is a pretty spectacular team even against 10* Onyx; Jackal punches way above his weight class when hitting already jackal-debuffed targets, and it would also allow you to keep more uptime on his debuff too (though working around Wu is always fun but if you have a yellow 4* mana troop, it gets even easier) and that’s nothing but goodness for both average and max scores.

This does presume you’re bringing defensive-minded items like Arrows / Axe, and of course max scores a banner is always good when we’re talking Onyx’s and that can have a defense buff too.

Leo at 80: I really need to figure out who can survive 3 hits against a 10* titan even at 80 when talking debuffed targets… the thing with high level titans is if two heroes both die in 2 hits then they’re basically equivalent from a defensive perspective; until you get to a third hit being able to be taken (a 4/80 ares can with axe debuff for example) an 80 doesn’t really bring that much except potentially higher tile damage and Jackal is sort of amazing in that department already for a 4*.

4/80 means a lot more for raids, titans not so much.

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