2nd Grimm or 2nd Triton, 2nd Mnesseus or 1st Berden?


title says it all, one of those what to level next questions…

i have Triton (maxed) and Grimm (soon maxed) - what to level next, 2nd grimm or 2nd triton… (no other blue 4 or 5 stars available)

i have Mnesseus (maxed) and Berden, Mnesseus - what to level next… 2nd Mnesseus or 1st Berden? (no other 3 star greens at the moment… have duplicate kashhrek, one is maxed but i think a 2nd one is not needed…

what do you think?

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I would choose grimm, always good to have some extra def downers for war:)

Screenshot your roster always on threads asking for advices on leveling heroes.
Best advice is built on what colors you have, you are missing and those you have multiheroes on em.
So depends on what you said above you don’t seem to have full rainbow team yet, or do you?
I say go with the color you are missing a hero in it.
Rainbow squad helps in map/raid .
Screenshoting the roster is how good advices been taken since I started my time on this forum.


I would base your choice off of your playing style. I view Triton and Grimm as a wash. Personally, I like Triton more due to pairing him up with Proteus for that defense bonus. You certainly won’t be wrong either way.

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