2nd green for mats

I have a maxed Caedmon. I have been leveling a second Caedmon and just got Skittleskull. I’m probably three weeks from tc20. I have the mats for one four star ascension. Which goes to four or neither?

I’d wait. But work on Skittle. Get her to 3/60 at least. You might like her enough to give them to her, or in that time you may get someone else in green to give them to.


I’d wait as well.

I really like Caedmon, still using him everyday since dispell is a really good skill.

But not sure you need two (except for war maybe).

Dunno about Skittle, never lvl uped her, not really fan


Keep the mats …there are many worthy green 4* that may come through your tc20 like Malender or kashrek :slight_smile:


Just to really solidify that this is (so far) not controversial, I’d wait too.

I’ve used Skittleskull at 3-60 somewhat regularly, and have never felt much desire to go beyond that, even with plenty of mats around.

Melendor and Kashrek are much better choices, if you get one, enough so that I’d save mats for them. I’d even max Little John before Skittles.

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