2nd epic hero summon option to include past hotm

Everyone i know wishes that the hotm would be more available.
Since they are making a return appearance in Atlantis summons that is nice…

Ideally i would like that 1yr after the hotm has been released it should get added to the normal Epic Hero summons. But that would potentially make the balance of 3 4 and 5*s in the summons wrong.

How about adding a 2nd Epic Hero summon. Only available after you have finished season 1 perhaps. And you add the hotm to that summon. While removing an existing 5* of the same color.for example: Alberich gets added and Horghall gets removed. Etc.

At least then it give people more options for summons. And if Epic summons II gets full. You can do a third. People have another chance to get past hotm.


It’s a good idea. This would revive the interest of the players to invoke in the normal portal rather than wait for the event portals.

Yes! I agree, that’s something interesting!

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