2nd Challenge event Discussion Topic

I’m a player…I’ve been here for six months. As regards Training Camps:

1* = Common
2* = Uncommon
3* = Rare
4* = Epic
5* = Legendary

TC12 = Guaranteed Rare (3*)
TC13 = Training with chance of Epic (4*)

I ran two TC13’s for over a month. I got nothing but 3* (Rare) until about the 36th day when I got my first 4* (Epic).


Thanks for sharing your line-up. Sorry to hear you could not complete either. Out of curiosity, how close to maxed ascension and levels were your heroes in each teams? I JUST maxed Prisca today (but 7/8 skills wise), 5 levels away from maxing Ulmer, 4 for Bane, 3 for Isshtak, 39 for Jahangir and 41 for Karil.

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Thanks @tunafish. I haven’t given up yet. In fact, I’ve pretty well resolved to prepare and test out new strategies at the next challenge in a month’s time (assuming it returns). Working hard to level-up heroes as best I can. I really hope my luck will change in the summons RNG and the training of better ranked heroes (I’ve had enough Derric, Brand and Hikaru). “Common” is an understatement!

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TC13 “ELITE” can only give 3* and 4* heroes.
TC12 “GUARANTEED RARE” can only give 3* heroes.
TC10 “ADVANCED” is the one that gives 1*, 2*, or 3* heroes randomly.

Here you can browse through all of the TC levels to see what * heroes they give: https://sites.google.com/site/empiresandpuzzlesrpgwiki/intro/base/training-camps/training-costs

Heya FunCker,

You’re very right that I didn’t mention the beginners tier. I didn’t play that tier myself so I figured I should keep myself from commenting on that, as I don’t know how difficult it is or whether the rewards justify the efforts. You’ll always have a bit of ‘strong get stronger’ if you give out rewards based on a competition, I personally don’t think that this is such a bad thing. I like to play for free, but because I’ve been playing for a long time I can still be competitive (top 100 ranking etc).

A couple of the suggestions raised before by both me and other players that could improve the event experience for everyone (also beginners I think):

  1. Add 3* event heroes, in order to do event summons just like an elemental summon (so with only new event related heroes). You need 3* heroes for this, as else it’d be a free way to get 4/5 star heroes, which I can imagine that SG wouldn’t like.
  2. Add event hero tokens that can be used during these events for that specific summon. Give these out throughout the month for mystic vision, titan loot, wanted chests etc (so people can save up and try for better heroes during the event).
  3. Give an epic/event summon token for completing the beginner tier (saw someone propose this so people have a tangible chance to improve their team, really like the idea).

From reading your comments I think we’re both on the same line regarding those points :slight_smile:

In all honesty, would you say you considered yourself to be just a beginner when the 1st event took place last month? Did you also get special heroes from that event’s line-up?

I’ve been playing since about February so I wouldn’t call myself a beginner no, only during the first event they did for easter way back when. The previous event I only did 2 levels of beginner tier too. I don’t have any of the special event heroes, and the only hero of the month I have is Athena (don’t spend money, so I got lucky there).

Care to share what heroes you got?

Nothing special, no 3/4/5star heroes or event heroes. Just a better rate of the 1 and 2* heroes and I believe I got a trainer hero? Nothing you can’t get from normally playing the map.

My player level is 22. What is yours? What were your heroes line-ups to complete the intermediate and advanced stages? and how close were they to being maxed?

My player level is 37. I posted my teams used above (intermediate: grimm, rigard, sabina, scarlett, melandor - all maxed, advanced: athena, rigard, scarlett, joon/sabina, horghall/melandor - only athena is not maxed, she is stuck on 3rd ascension). I can’t say these were ideal teams, especially with the colours of the monsters, but they managed to get me through without items. These are also almost my entire heroes roster (I think I have a maxed gormek and an almost maxed boldtusk next to these heroes), or at least all the ones that are maxed.

can I invite you to share your game play experience, strategies, heroes team pairings you might have used to complete the event. I so would like to know what I may be doing or not doing that might have made a difference in the outcome from my own game play and strategies during this event.

A couple of tips in random order to complete (not to get the highest score, i wouldn’t be able to help with that):

  1. If possible don’t use the colour that is being reflected, but double up on the opposite colour to hit those extra hard instead (last event swap out yellow for double purple).
  2. If you just want to complete it, use at least 2 healers and let those carry you home.
  3. Focus items on survival rather than offense. Bring arrows to make them miss, bring health potions, bring mana pots solely to activate your healer, and bring either revival scrolls/antidotes/battle axes.
  4. Keep one monster alive in every wave and charge up all your specials (and heal your heroes with your healer) before you go onto the next wave. If the level itself is easy enough you can do this just before you go to the bosswave, but else I’d suggest you do it for every wave.

Hope any of these comments help, let me know if you have more questions :slight_smile:


Brienne - Maxed, 6/8
Balthazar* - Maxed, 6/8
Prisca - Maxed, 7/8
Belith - lvl 24^2, 4/8
Gunner* - Maxed, 3/8 (!)

Boldtusk - lvl 48^4, 7/8
Melendor - lvl 46^3, 8/8
Cyprian - Maxed, 8/8

  • Used Balthezar and Gunnar on both teams
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I did the Beginner tier with the following team.

  • Valen, tier3, lvl20-ish
  • Balthazar, tier3, lvl15-ish
  • Berden, tier3, lvl30-ish
  • Hawkmoon, tier3, lvl 10-ish
  • Kailile, tier3, lvl10-ish

And a 2* troop for each of them.

Last stage was a pretty hard. Had to use both turtle banners and small mana pots.
But it felt perfectly doable with a 3* team that wasnt maxed or optimized.
I dont see how it would be possible to do it with a 2* team though.

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Hey @loorts,

You are right, we’re basically on the same page. You have about 3 months and 17 levels on me, and I only have 2 4* heroes: Gormek (lvl14, ascended just once) and Cyprian (lvl 26, not yet ascended, which I just got on the day the event ended). I don’t have any great healers. I only had Sha Ji that was decent, but being yellow (and where it was best to avoid getting the yellow rebounds from the boards) it didn’t serve me too well. Would have been best if I had Hawkmoon or something else - not yellow).

I don’t think the revival scroll was an option available for the beginners level. I won’t say that was the case for sure since there is a good chance I might have just opted against using it since it is a rare item I more likely would have elected to preserve. [I did complete 1 stage in intermediate, and killed 2 monsters in the first Advanced stage - so when I set my battling team for those, I know I did exclude the reviving scroll thinking it wasn’t going to be worth my while to use it.] I should have revisited the inventory once I got to the last stage of beginners though - that, I don’t remember doing. {My last couple of attempts were somewhat rushed… …I was running late to get to my sister’s [Canadian] Thanksgiving dinner, and it was 35 minutes before the event itself was going to close.}

Thanks again for your post!

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Yes materials are needed in the event. They are used on the higher levels of map and against the Titan as well. This is just a part of the game. You have a month to stockpile resources to build up the required materials. Often, I find, if you are using a large amount of resources it is often a reflection of the team you are using and a particular weakness. Hitting the map and trying new set ups is the safest bet. Remember, what works great for one person may not work the same for others because we each have our own style of play. Good luck!