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I think they mean prizes you don’t get for farming regular map provinces like silver tokens. Boots are everywhere, I’d say most people probably don’t even check what they receive at the end of each stage (I know I don’t, just as I don’t check what junk provinces gave me when I’m farming them :p).

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Heh…boots have dried up for me, so when I see it, I’m like, “ BOOOOOTS!!” :joy:


I’d say a bug then… I think I only got one 3*, maybe two… Mostly 1* and 2* for sure, and at 70 recruits a pop, I’d notice what training I’m doing for sure. It’ll be a day before I can access it again [being upgraded], and even then, I’m hoping to either upgrade it to 15 right after, or run the research on whatever I can get from lvl 14 feature.

I will admit, I was so focused on trying to complete the full 10 stage of the event, dreaming of finding a special-event-limited-time heroes along the way, I never noticed anything else. I guess the loot was not all that special - nothing to write home about. I noticed in my alliance that several players have these “alliance energy flasks” they can use to get another 3 hits at the titan. I never personally got one myself, but had there been one in the loot I got in the event, I would have noticed.

I got 4 of those… …but not had anywhere to use them, I don’t think. I’ve 435 Rugged Clothes items, and 454 Training manuals… oh, and 1054 Common Herbs Do you suppose I’ve got enough of those? There should be some sort of trading market we could visit to exchange items we have with other players in the game.

Sorry, I think I’ve gone a bit off topic for this thread…

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I think it is a bit unrealistic to call for extra ascension items/special loot every couple of stages.

The event already gives an insanely good deal on loot items for completion for intermediate and advanced. If you compare this to the rare quests (generally loved by everyone) then you get a lot more bang for the energy spent (and you get world flasks, so you barely spend energy after all). Haven’t noted the actual rewards per level, but I remember thinking it was generally better/equal to the map levels I usually play. They might not give you the normal summon tokens every couple of levels, but the event seemed to have a far better hero drop-rate (maybe I got lucky?).

Asking for special loot every 3 stages, extra loot when you’re in the lowest tier (you already get a loot ‘tier’ for completion?) and yet another token per stage completed or attempted - it is a bit much isn’t it? The completion rewards currently in place are well enough of a payoff for a majority of the people to bulk up for the event, along with the fact that it is ‘something else to do’. I think if you’d want them to change anything here, you might have to tone it down a bit and be a bit more realistic. They want profit, you want a good game - ya’ll both need each other.

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You’re confusing the completion rewards - the intermediate completion rewards gave two 3* or higher ascension items, at least one of which wasn’t farmable. I don’t remember which ones they were, think it might have been an Orb and something else. The summon token was for finishing in 501-5000th place or something.

If you have 1054 common herbs, you are not crafting items that use them:

  • Minor healing potion (F1)
  • Healing potion (F5)

Granted these are small items, but there you have it. :smile:

I loved it. Wone all three, liked the challenge. Might even like it to be a bit harder, but like I said loved it. Can’t wait till the next one.

Only thing I would change is the names of the challenges. Beginner, intermediate and advanced feel wrong. I don’t think anyone in the top 100 was below lv25. I would just change their name to 3 star, 4 star and 5 star. Makes a bit more sense.

I might be crazy, but a 2 star fight seems like it would be fun. It would be 100% tactical and not based on being lucky on the draws.


I’ve been playing since Hel was the hero of the month ( i think thats june as well)

Im at stronghold 18, almost have enough iron saved up for upgrading straight too 20.

Ive ran training camp 13 for… maybe a month now? (15 summons then) and ive only gotten Caedmon and Tibirtus. All my other heroes have been obtained via epic hero summons/ elemental summon tokens.

As @loorts pointed out, the completion tiers give some really good rewards as it is. The balancing act between them is the effort some of us throw JUST to get those items. We don’t all have superb teams to be able to easily finish the event. I guess the spirial loop is, how am i suppose to get powerful if…
Titan boxes drop no ascenion items
I’m not even strong enough to do the rare quests
Can even roll a 4* hero.

It sounds like all of those 3 statements above can happen to some of us just starting the game and it becomes very discouraging.

For you FunCker, try not to be too discouraged. It takes some time and effort to get strong.


Im in agreement with handing out too many ascenion items. Perhaps what they should do is for beginning tier, they should hand out some epic summon tokens instead of ascenion items. It’ll help the weaker people gain some stronger heroes. As it stands right now, you need to have a pretty good team, and have some good boards to even earn that epic hero token.

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I dont think i was completly clear there, and quoting seemed to have taken some of the information out.

For some of us ( i consider myself unlucky with team setup for hitting hard), i just barely finished intermediate. For ranking rewards, all i got was a summoning token??? Yes i got the tier reward, but its vastly disapointing that all i got for rank rewards was a summoning token. Thats heartbreaking…
I suppose at the end of the day, i ran this event just for the orb of magic and fine gloves.

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Just to take a brief questionare for everyone, what items did you take for the challenge? If you want, throw your teams too! Im noticing some huge gaps in people completing it fully, and it being unsuccessful. Perhaps we could help each other out?

This is what i brought.

Beginner - arrows, 20% mana pot, 60% manapot and 200hp pots. Team - balthazar, valen, belith, azar, bane

Intermediate - arrows, 60% mana pot, dragon banner, revive scroll. Team - Gormek, Hutao, Rigard, Caedmon, Gunner

Advanced (helped someone finish it) - 100% mana pots, revive scroll,60% mana pot 500hp pot. Team - Grimm, Ares, Melandor, Cyprian, Rigard

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This is what i brought.

Minor Health Potions, Antidotes, Healing Potion, Arrows. Team - Brienne, Balthazar, Gunnar, Prisca, Belith

Healing Potion, Potent Healing Potion, Antidotes, Arrows (switched with Axes and Bombs later on). Team - Boldtusk, Melendor, Cyprian, Balthazar, Gunner

Both only completed to lvl 9. :pensive:


reply to loorts:
This is simply not true. There was a rare quest when challenge started. I finished the quest and got hidden blade and rings. Only the rings stage ranked at 3200 difficulty required to use some battle items. In fact I used almost all and lost some heroes to bosses but succeeded on first try. I used the same setup (Boldtust, Grimm, Caedmon, Chao, Sabina) for intermediate and in fact I even stopped after stage 7 and used over two days to level all as much as possible, gaining some 150 team power and ending in a 45-60 range before final ascension. Still I wasn’t able to kill more than one of final 3 bosses before I ran out of pots and got wiped. As opposed to rare quest I used tons of pots and arrows overall, meaning tons of resources. The loot was a complete joke compared to spent mats. And guess what, I got a bloody token for the effort. Failing the rings stage in rare quest I would still keep hidden blade from previous stage. The challenge is once per month. Think about it as an ultra rare quest, no reason to give crappy loot from stages and reward mostly those that don’t even need it.


I appreciated the effort to listen to feedback from the last challenge event. The current one was well done! Here are some suggestions for future events.

  1. Give more information on the event at an earlier time. A few days before the challenge, there was a thread that was hidden somewhere in this forum in which one of the moderators suggested that the reflected color was yellow. I think that the color should be given much earlier, perhaps after the last challenge. This will allow people with limited hero selection to do long range planning to have a good chance of finishing the challenge. If we get the news two or three days before, most of us won’t be able to make a significant change to our arsenals. The new heroes should be rolled out to build anticipation, perhaps 1-2 per day for the 3-4 days before the challenge, and in a prominent place (Facebook page or in the announcement section)

  2. Ascension items – the finishing rewards were good for both the intermediate and advanced stages. However, the first challenge had one 4* ascension item (rings, darts, etc.) and one 3* ascension item (trap tools, orbs etc.) in the advanced completion whereas the second had three 3* items. Many people doing advanced need the 4* items much more than the 3* items and I think that the 4* ones should be put back. The rare quests have 4* items as finishing, yet the only people who get it them on advanced were the top 10. Currently, the game gives ascension items at an uneven rate. The challenge should drop more items that are not in rare quests, specifically things like sturdy shields and telescopes.

  3. Consider adding one new 3* hero for the challenge event. This would generate more interest, and could be given to people at lower reward tiers. In addition, it could come up more frequently with both regular and epic summons tokens.

  4. Several people finished in the top 10 in two events, either intermediate and advanced, or beginner and intermediate. I don’t think it is a good idea that someone could theoretically place first in all three tiers and take a massive amount of loot. Is there a way to allow people to keep doing all three events yet prevent the elite players from dominating multiple leaderboards? Should someone who wins the intermediate or advanced event be allowed to be considered a beginner?

  5. Introduce a new battle item in some of the challenges, then make it forgeable in season 2

  6. Please suspend rare quests during the challenge


Swapped things around a bit during the levels to see what worked better, think i mostly used these teams:

intermediate: grimm, rigard, sabina, scarlett, melandor (I know, 3 healers :frowning: , made it easy to complete but not very quick). Didn’t use any items.

Advanced: Athena, rigard, scarlett, joon/sabina, horghall/melandor. Also completed this without items, had to replay one of the levels though and switch my team up (2 yellow reflecting bosses made my joon very unhappy).

Generally played every level once (had to replay one level once) and without items (I like the challenge of doing events and rare quests without items), but I wasn’t going for the competitive ranking anyways. If you just care about completion I can fully recommend bringing a lot of healers :smiley:

I didn’t see you mention “Beginners”… You got " world [energy] flaskS "!!! What I got from reading your post was the same remark someone else said: “The strong get stronger”. I spent 2400 gems on this event, and got squat event related. It is after all a “monthly, special, exclusive content, limited time, event”. Why not make the event appealing - maybe more so to the Beginners so they can get a bit of help to get stronger, but make it appealing enough they’d actually look forward to the next event? Why not make this exclusive content accessible more fairly to everyone, regardless of their skills or level? I know, I am extra vocal on the matter because I got none of the special event content. I may not have the right ideas on how to improve the odds for other players like myself in future events, but I certainly would love to see it change so the next beginner has a certitude of receiving at least 1 special hero event related. It can remain random which hero that will be, and ultimately, if/how the player chooses to level-it up, ascend it, or not, still differentiates him enough against the next player that may or may not have received the same special hero. Beside that, there is still some chance the special skill doesn’t get maxed for everyone! I have a couple of maxed heroes whose skills never maxed out…

In all honesty, would you say you considered yourself to be just a beginner when the 1st event took place last month? Did you also get special heroes from that event’s line-up?

Care to share what heroes you got? and yes, I get a sense you got very lucky…

My player level is 22. What is yours? What were your heroes line-ups to complete the intermediate and advanced stages? and how close were they to being maxed?

To be fair, I’m not “asking”, I am merely making “suggestions”, throwing around ideas. Feel free to throw around your own ideas on how you might like to see the event improve. Perhaps the event fulfilled your expectations to the max. If that’s the case, can I invite you to share your game play experience, strategies, heroes roster, heroes team pairings you might have used to complete the event. I so would like to know what I may be doing or not doing that might have made a difference in the outcome from my own game play and strategies during this event.

Thank you for your comments loorts.

  • FunCker

You are right Rook… I have a minimum of 25 of each crafted items already - Basically I top-up as I use them. :smiley:

You can raise specials even after heros hit max level

You are right about that, the names do feel wrong. I also like your 2* level fight as well… It would also mean some players might have to make choices on what heroes they keep in order to retain the 2* heroes they need to participate in that level challenge, or choose not to partake in the 2* challenge in favour of keeping a larger variety of heroes at higher star levels.

  • FunCker
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I got the chance to check out it’s description just now Rook, and TC13 only says “Training with chance of EPIC heroes”. Doesn’t say anything that would imply it to be for RARE heroes with a chance of EPIC. Unless you are a developer and know something of the intended design/programming of it, I can only guess it might have escaped your notice or you got way luckier than I’ve been.

I’ve just initiated another training to put it to the test yet again. I may have something new to report in 2 days - unless I get lucky and actually get a 3* or 4* then, at which time I’ll have to start a new one again. I’ll admit my mistake if after 5 attempts I still didn’t get a 1* or 2* out of it. I’ll be following up in about 10 days at the most.

I do hope and pray you are right! (I’m still hoping to get Hawkmoon)

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