2nd Challenge event Discussion Topic

Looks like this main one is way packed. Lets start a second thread soley dedicated to the 2nd event pushed out.

All of these are my opinions. Feel free to chop them up. Add to the discussion as you feel fit. More attention and talking, the better!

PROS - Still very challenging. The new elemental defense debuff is pretty interesting since you set ot up so the big aoe guys does all the damage, while the little one does the debuff. Good one!

Reward tiers fixed up… (a bit).

CONS - Reward tier list… Indeed it was revised but its still way too much “stronger players get even stronger”. Just take a look at intermediate and advanced top people. Its literally the same. Can you add an alliance tier list reward?

Still didnt implement how to fine tune our scoring. If we want to do better, what do we need to do? Perhaps show everyone top score for that round to everyone to see how we match up. It should break down ALL the scoring so we know what we need to do to make a better score.

Remove the event heroes obtainability. I’d suggest using these event heroes TO MAKE A SEASON 2. Replace the rewards with gems.


I agree that each event should have it’s own thread.

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Do the events need a tutorial (how to win, how to better our scores), or is that asking too much? :grin:

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My scores have been low so I would be all for it

In my opinion, the 3 levels (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced) were no particularly well geared to their targeted audience user base.

Let’s take for example - the beginners level. A beginner would be expected to have mostly common and uncommon heroes. Very few, if any, rare heroes. These heroes would be in different state of levelling up, but more than likely far from having been maxed out. It should have been a lot easier to complete the full 10 stages of the beginner pane than it was - especially in indeed we were fortunate enough to have rare heroes in their team.

I don’t consider myself a beginner. I participated in the first event, and had then only managed to complete 5 stages. (or was it 4 and I was working on my fifth?). At the time, I was really just a beginner and had only just obtained my first rare hero, Bane).

By now, at this second event I considered myself as somewhat stronger and better equip[ped than a beginner. I had several rare mostly twice ascended heroes, boosted/levelled-up troops, and still only managed to complete 9 stages of the beginners line-up. It was downright discouraging. I did manage to complete 1 stage in the intermediate line-up with only 1 Epic hero in inventory, and managed to get a “participation recognition” in the Advanced line-up for having killed only 2 monsters on the first stage.

Ultimately, all I got for the time I invested in the event was: 3 tokens for daily’s basic summons. That’s it - nothing more! [ The daily quests are far better rewarding than that with nowhere near the same effort to achieve. ]

Ok, that aside - about the event/special summons. About those that are “Limited Time” accessible… how about increasing the chances of receiving one of these special heroes upon getting summoned during the event period? I took advantage of the gems sale twice and obtained 1000 gems each times for these 2 purchase opportunities I was granted. Combined with the few gems I had accumulated by then, I was able to summon 7 heroes. They were ALL rare level heroes. It probably wouldn’t be as frustrating if the Event Summons returned ONLY special limited heroes at EACH different categories - ie. Rare, Epic, Legendary. [Just like when the summon portal is tailored for Fire heroes, choosing to spend and obtain a hero then - we have some expectation to be in a position to be able to strengthen these heroes with either new skills with a new hero we do not have, or by way of levelling up the ones we already have if we get a duplicate.

I couldn’t help but think I’d have better odds in getting hit by lightning, or receiving a bullet playing Russian roulette, than my ever receiving a 4* hero, let alone a special-limited-time hero.

Bottom line is, in my humble opinion, during these events - I should be able to spend my $$ and gems specifically on special limited time hero sets I would not be able to get otherwise, or at least get a much better chance at these special heroes. In my 7 summons, I would liked to have received at the very least 1 - if not 2 - such heroes. Perhaps a way to achieve this would be to offer the option to trigger a summon of say 3 random heroes simultaneously, one of which would be guarantied to be a limited-time hero in this trio, at say: 500 gems a pop?

Another frustrating element during this event was: Why did it have to rely on World Energy to participate? How about setting up a separate Event Energy counter for the purpose so one is not penalised from completing other regular quests that become available during the same time period at the expense of event participation and vice versa? On the matter of Energy, for the sake of fairness, I would also like to suggest the Alliance Energy should be reset to fully loaded for everyone at the time a new titan is unleashed.

I’m throwing ideas at the wall here. Hopefully, some of these will stick. Thus far, I happen to think this is a good game that has the potential to become a great game. That said, If there isn’t a change done soon, I imagine, like several others I’ve read on this forum, I will consider looking for another game as outlet for my free time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

  • FunCker

I had a bunch of fully leveled 3* heroes and a couple of lvl’d 2* Troops, yet only completed to Beginner lvl 9. I just assumed I brought the wrong items to the shindig and am now stockpiling bombs, axes and arrows for next time… :grin:

For comparison purposes as i see some frustrations from both Rook and @FunCker.

My team i ran for beginner was this.
Hawkmoon, brienne, gunner, bane, bathalzar. All maxed leveled, but skills werent aside bane’s.

I was able to clear through all of it using 20% mana pots, 60% mana pot, arrows and 200hp pots fairly easily.

I do agree with you FunCker as its kind of Vague what beginner is. Perhaps there should be another tier for extreme beginners? Only 1/2 * only? This might make it worst for tier rewards however.

I do believe these events a geared more towards people who have played for atleast a month, where they have some viable heroes to play around with.

EDIT : For the special event heroes, i think they should just add thier own roll board. Have it cost 400gems for a roll. (If you saw my first comment on the event heroes though, im still very against us having the event heroes in our arsenal)

Haven’t played the beginner tier, so can’t say much about that. I personally don’t think it is weird that it is geared towards maxed 3* heroes though - but fully understand that people who don’t have a maxed 3* team yet aren’t happy.

I can’t remember whether this was also true at the previous event, but I thought the elements used were very limited. The event heroes excluded 2 colours, as well as all the monsters used in the event. Combined with 1 colour that reflects damage makes the options kinda limited. Not the biggest fan of reflect in general but fair enough, would opt for usage of all colours though.

Most excited about a suggestion from Vivenna (if i remember correctly) in the previous thread; introduce event summon tokens. Give them out throughout the month for titans/wanted chests/mystic vision (and/or as completion reward for perhaps only advanced or intermediate - for all tiers might be a bit much), let people save them up and then use them during the events. It annoys me that you can get an epic hero token during the event but not try and gain one of the event heroes.

Curious as of why there are no special event heroes of 3*s (or did I miss something completely?), would be in favour of them being added and then instead of epic summons with the even heroes just event heroes during the event (like the elemental summon).

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I must be the only one against having us use the event heroes… lol. Let there be a bigger gap between what heroes we use, and what we fight against. I find it dumb that we can fight the same heroes…

The only BAD side to that suggestion is the… PAY TO EARN. If you drop enough money now, then you can get those heroes. More income for Small Giant. Hard to want to break that formula they’ve created already. I suppose you can make it so you can pay gems to earn the heroes, but with a smaller pool, we dont have to blow as much money.

There have been no 3* event heroes. Lowest is a 4*.

I couldn’t agree more. I too have spent money and time and have recently come to the realization that if the developers don’t take heed in what players are saying, then they will be losing people that were - like me - once excited about this game but over time, have realized that you’re actually just spinning your wheels getting NOWHERE fast!

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If I remember rightly, I used:

3*: Brienne, Gunnar, Balthazar, Prisca and I want to say Belith…So double purple, double green.

4*: BoldTusk, Melendor, Cyprian, Scarlett, Balthezar* (I didn’t have two 4* purples).

I figured the fault was mine, since my alliance mates had relatively no issues… :grin:

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Its the same with most games. Pay to win. More money you drop, the more powerful you’ll be. I suppose all we want it some equality for the drops. Its SO taxing on us when we constantly get a whole lot of nothing.

Intermediate i ran…

Caedmon, rigard, hutao, gormek, gunner. (All maxed)

I was not easy for me at all. I barely got away with finishing it. But thats good though. Its a CHALLENGE event after all. It is suppose to be hard. Problem is finding the balance between hard and rewarding, and that seems to be a BIG issue here. After all your hard work, you get a free summoming token??? Tier reward completion could be buffed up a little bit more unless you plan to release this event every month.

Other suggestion which i mentioned is having an alliance tier reward that runs similiar to how titan chests are giving out. 1st place gets something. 2-5 get something else. 6-15 something else, rest somethint else again. Have some friendly competition in the alliance which in the end, helps everyone out in the alliance anyways.


I liked it, again.

I made it through beginner with a not (but almost) maxed 3* team of gunnar, belith, bane, balthazar and azar with not leveled 2* troops. I ended in place 5500 or so.
I finished intermediate in rank 53, with Sabina, Wu Kong, Gormek, Colen and Kiril. Sabina and Colen were not completely maxed, but the rest was.
I finished advanced in rank 93 with the same team as intermediate, but with 2 4* troops.
I was aiming for top 50 on intermediate, I would like to get a bit more insight on the scoring, I had a level that I finished in about a minute with full health, but my score turned out 5k lower than my best, which wasn’t very good to begin with, so I had no idea how to improve scores.

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There is huge (negative) gap between just participating and almost finishing a tier. In one case you get a token, in the other you waste ton of mats and energy and get …a token. Stages need to give rewards similar to rare quests, every other stage (guaranteed) ascension item would be enough. So when I finish 8 stages in intermediate and 4 stages in advanced I get more than …two tokens.


Nice to get XP for the challenge levels. Could we also get recruits, please? :). As for me, I did only have toons to finish beginner, and the difficulty felt quite okay. I agree with other comments regarding rewards. They could be up`ed a bit or the different segments broadened. Quite a low percentage of the player base got some love out of this. I wouldn’t mind receiving a decent ascension item from finishing beginner. I need a few in order to be able to do intermediate next challenge anyway :wink:

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Absolutely agree! Win this stage 1, this stage two, etc…like quests do.

How long have you been playing, if I may ask? I can’t seem to recall exactly when I started. I think if was in June, but it could have been July. You could say I got hooked, and have been playing in a way so as to take advantage of my personal down time. There is always something getting upgraded on my base. Most components have been upgraded to level 11, 12, or 13. As of last Sunday, my stronghold is at level 15. My training centers have been at level 11, 12, and 13 respectively for a while now. The level 13 training center Elite heroes trainer is supposed to give you a chance for a 4* hero, has yet to produce even one in well over 10 attempt - but has been pushing mostly 1* and 2* heroes. Does it really have to take 2 days to produce those? While that 1 training camp is going, I had the lvl 12 one generate 3* heroes. Still takes 2 days a piece, but at least is reliable for 3* heroes. I’d use the 3rd training center to get me monochrome heroes to help me level-up a particular hero, or generate random cheap heroes whenever I do not have enough of the items I need to generate specific elemental heroes.

Since I’ve been playing, I’ve only managed to max a single hero - 2* Toril. (took forever before I started getting 3* water heroes).

My team was: Ulmer, Prisca, Isshtak, Bane, Jahangir.

Unfortunately Jahangir was fresh - received it just a few days before the event, maybe a week before. It was at level 7 following the 1st ascension, so not all that strong. (had stockpiled a couple of red training heroes I used to try and level him up quickly) Bane was at about level 30, Ulmer at level 10, Isshtak at level 25, and Prisca about 35, or so following their last ascension. I’d use Sha Ji, at level 9 or last ascension, to replace another hero as a health restorer [as you were using Hawkmoon], and Toril [maxed] to help with attack strength at times.

I’m attempting to do the same! Bulk-up on items, and max-up select heroes, for next time. Still hoping to get Hawkmoon for one, but maily I need resources/items. Will I participate in the next event? Still undecided… …for a single token?

…I’d like to suggest rewards are added based on the number of stages completed, perhaps a special reward every 3 stages, and another one paired with a Legendary token upon completing the 10th stage. Then, upon the event’s closing - a special loot based on your ranking in the whole event, but get a loot even if you are in the very bottom tier! (keep the basic summoning token there - but increase it’s quantity to 1 per stage completed or attempted) This, in my opinion, might make a difference in players actually wanting to return for the next monthly challenge/event, and even give them an incentive to spend $$ to help them bulk-up in preparation to this next event.

Thinking of these ideas now, I think I should be a developer on this game.

My 2 cents worth…
(wait - make that a nickel… we’ve eliminated the penny in Canada, and I’m not charging a mere 2 cents against my credit card)

  • FunCker

This is really weird, level 13 training/elite training only gives 3* and occasional 4*. If yours give 1 and 2*, you are doing another training or your game has a bug.


TC13 (Training Center Lvl 13) gives only 3* and has a chance at 4*. I got two out of mine after about 35 days (some have better, others worse luck).

As regards prizes for each stage of the event: I got prizes as I went, at each completion. Nothing fabulous, though at one point I recall some boots, but goodies nonetheless. And there were prizes for completion of all ten levels, which is what I was shooting for. Should the participation prize be more than a single summoning coin? I think so. But you can’t say there isn’t any prizes for participation along the way.