2nd builder when time runs out?


What happens if you have two buildings being upgraded when VIP runs out?


No one has gotten to that stage yet

I’m guessing the buildings will finish and you won’t be able to build more than 1


There was a quote Rook found from a dev. But the answer is yes, the buildings continue, but you can’t start a new build until both projects complete.


Yes, both buildings will finish, and you’ll go back to one builder.

If you want to use the double builder once more (and want the 30 gems + extra Summons a day), just get the VIP Pass again, as often as you like.


The building disappear, and your dragon become a pigeon :face_with_monocle:


My worst fears confirmed! :cold_sweat:


Anybody able to confirm that both building will actually finish, even if it’s a 7-days stronghold ? :grimacing:


I can. They both will finish.


They both will be built, that’s why it’s worth to start those 7d buildings just before VIP runs out.



i read that this will happen, but aint 100% sure:

  1. bulding x and y are being constructed and vip has 1 sec left
  2. vip expires. bulding x and y are continuing being constructed
  3. you dont buy vip again
  4. building x finishes. bulding y is continuing being constructed. you dont have the option for the second builder
  5. you buy vip again. you have second builder again

i will be able to tell you for sure in 8 days. but i think you will be telling me first :D. pls do :stuck_out_tongue:


The both buildings will continue till the end! Tested :wink: leave your long buildings (6 or 7 days) to the last day and do it then…