2nd Aethers Discussion (Poll)

I have pretty deep roster and don’t see myself pulling for new heroes except costume chamber for at least 2 years if they release aethers as is. I will slowly grind and max my existing heroes and won’t consider pulling for new ones.
I don’t care about power difference in p20/C2P/f2p because you mostly get matched against your own power level.
Surely, I won’t go all in aether portal

these are really boring.

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What’s happens with LB3 next year? Because they are definitely going to 100.

Better start making wise decisions on who you choose to LB.

Depends entirely on rarity… something that isn’t set in stone yet. Hope they balance it so that spending is encouraged, but not seen as necessary. Not much hope, mind you.

I’ve been playing for four years and for me the game has evolved a lot, it doesn’t compare to the first season, even the degree of difficulty has increased, I brought missions that involve the union of an alliance for glory

nice to see how SG takes us into consideration, it can find other ways to make money but with this thing sinking the game it creates a too clear gap between those who have it and those who don’t … they are not ashamed even in front of a survey in which many say NO.

Making new heroes every weeks was fine?
And making all of them stronger not fine?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m aganist it and probably will play even less in the game as soon as I start seeing this crazy buff from the start of the match in Raids and Wars… More teams that you can’t win (even with good boards)

BUT! you all been sleeping for so long, Xnolphod nerf, playing back and forth with w3k family, several nerfs of C. Panther (and all done on release! After the beta testers tested it and gave their opinion about it)
I’m not even speaking about GTV (Telluria still crap)

So what did you expect?
As we say in my country, you vote by your legs (in this game by your wallet)

All this keyboard cowboying is useless… If the cash continue to flow, then why would SG/Zynga should care about it? Did they ever replay to anyone’s poll/complain/suggest here?

In other games I saw how the developers treat their player (inc. A communities in Discord where you can suggest features and you get a respectful response for your suggestion and not some copy paste crap like here)


Any comment that favors the 2nd Aether idea is a troll account.


It’s over


Not that it really matters… I’m mostly just curious:
Is SG still in the picture?

Their name pops-up on the load screen:

Elsewhere tho…

And now with $12.7 billion in tow,
Time out a second…
12.7 billion is such a massive number. Is it too big to comprehend? Try counting to 12.7 billion in hundred-thousand increments. I got to about 2 million and gave up. Not that I was fatigued or anything but… 12.7B was so far away!!!

Then I tried counting to 12.7 billion in increments of a million.
That’s increments of 1,000,000.
Go ahead and give that a go.
I still didn’t make it…

Now granted, Zynga has more titles than just E&P, for the $12.7 billion. But still…
Take-Two needs to collect on that unfathomable purchase amount. And I’m really uncertain how much of that work is coming from Small Giant.

Didn’t they pass the torch?

With the economic climate being a little shaky right now. I have been paying closer attention where I have been spending my disposable income since it doesn’t seem to be going as far as it used to. SG doesn’t seem to be looking at the welfare of the game. Maybe they are predicting a big down turn and want to milk us as much as they can as quickly as they can. Been playing for 4 years. My enjoyment is waning.

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I need an explanation. I can’t find information about it. Maybe you can’t search? will you help? It’s about answering the questions: Are the extra effects really included in the 6 turn version? Is this effect removable? I understand there is a starting bonus, but can it be removed? Thank you in advance for your answer!

Ah yes… Aether Power effects are dispellable.
Check the update notes that were sent in game…


Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a happy weekend. My question is: will the players be willing to not use the Aethers? In our alliance, we are discussing whether to use them or not. We know that this implies a disadvantage in wars and raids, but we are unhappy with the idea of being forced to use something that we find pointless.
Also, we feel that the power gap between top heroes/players will be much greater compared to F2P players.

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Not that convinced but even if that is the case… so what?


Now that you mention it… im quite looking forward to their release. Curious how it will all play out


My biggest problem with this second LB and especially the aether powers is, that’s a complete nerf of all my heroes I got and I spend money for. Now I’ve to spend again in the aether portal to keep them back to the “top” level. That’s a punch in our face for each F2P and C2P player.

And what’s worse a five star these days? Nearly nothing. Even with full emblems it’s like getting a four star 2 years ago. But this for 2,5% of getting a five star?

My wallet closes in the past month bit by bit. Depending on how it will be live in game it may get closed completely.


So what?

Anyways, is there a full list of effects explanations and which hero for which?

Just in case you haven’t found it yet, always be sure to make use of the handy search function in the top right, search tags, or just think about checking for Master Topics! :slight_smile: