2nd Aethers Discussion (Poll)

Since they mentioned it in the looking forward post last month I haven’t seen any discussion about this. It sounds like they’ve also introduced new Aethers in Beta but this thread isn’t meant to be a beta beat but rather about the idea itself. Here is a poll to induce comments:

How do you feel about adding a second round of Aethers (2nd LB)

  • Burn this game down
  • Very Negative
  • Negative
  • Neutral
  • Positive
  • Very Positive
  • They can freely take $$$ from my account

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I’m extremely against this idea. It’ll almost certainly be the last straw and I’ll quit and never come back.


I’m already looking at alternative games just from how this concept is. Foundationally it won’t change much if they are creating a portal with terrible odds and so many needed for each hero.


The problems is SG already created too much constant actions that make people rage, such as nerf, big gap power creeps, too many old heroes not getting buff, harder and time consuming events, Wotk point stealing, no reset aether, etc

So creating another cash grab without balancing other things will only drive people away or stop spending i think.

Too much taking without giving will eventually harm sg business


I really don’t like what I know so far. (Partly I don’t know how accessible these UberAethers will be, outside of “open your wallet.”)

Having said that, I didn’t particularly like the original aether release either, but that didn’t send me from the game. Aethers II: The Worse Sequel probably won’t be enough to make me ragequit…

…but together with various “let’s keep making events worse” changes, it feels like SG keeps jumping up and down on that end of the scales, almost as if “milk the whales” is kinda secondary to someone writing a psych PhD thesis on “what human beings are willing to endure to hang onto their comfort zone playtime.”


I once thought that Audibles for $14.99 per month was too much. Now, it’s looking better and better.


Whatever people here say will not matter at all.

It all comes down to whale tolerance.

If the whales of this game spend enough on the constant releasing of new heroes, then the management of the game has enough data to know this new ploy to milk them will succeed.

The number of players of this game is huge enough for the management to ignore the forum vocal minority and keep the whale milking strategy.


Excluding the people that accidentally saw it before it came out/entered beta, I figured this would be the inevitable direction when they did the first “limit break.”

I’m somewhat expecting them to just make theres Heroes into S1 Dark Lords, S2 Ursenas, and S5 Sets as the new placeholders in things like raids. I already don’t like doing raids outside of tournaments. Even wars are irritating because of the few heroes that get bothersome.


It’s a terrible idea and SG should expect to see massive backlash. They need to just tell us they want to crash the game and be honest, because that’s what they are announcing. I can guarantee you that most will not spend one penny on these ridiculous aethers. Of course the cynics will say “nothing you can do, the whales will still buy” well I say, who cares what the whales do??? If everyone not a whale boycotts these ridiculous aether it will send a message.


I will absolutely encourage everyone I know to not spend. Everyone here knows people. We can do this. I’m in multiple chats with lots of players.

I am not spending on these idiotic aether



I am really looking forward to the upcomming ideas.

By the end of the year there should be a monthly subscription like wow that you have to pay to even lock in.

And then there will be farewell summons instead of fated Summons.

This Mechanic will give the develeopers the opportuinity to remove one hero of your roster for ever 10 five stars that you pull.

Players will love that. Like they love 2nd aethers…


I’d actually like more the subscription fee with all contents unlocked rather than this gacha bull$hit.


I think this will break the game completly. Once in a while even low spenders will get 5 double limit broken heroes - for the defence. This will be the end for alliances like ours.

I really doubt, that this will be my game any longer so I stopped spending today.


Is a very very bad idea… The end of game… Unplayable for most of players…no words


Again all about money nothing else.




Terrible idea.

Just imagine everybody putting tetisheri as a tank.
For 6 turns you know that he will resurrect, doesn’t matter how you move tiles or which heroes you use. He will just resurrect.

I can’t believe that a group of developers, sitting to a table, agreed this eedjiot idea. Simply fool.


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The 2LB will proceed as planned, regardless of what players think.

The more worrying aspect about the 2LB is the passive that comes with the 2LB.

I saw Ludwig’s beta card. His aether passive is taunt 6 turns at the start of the battle. He’s already a taunt hero. And now he’s assigned an immediate taunt for 6 turns, indispellable, right from the start.

While Zynga has indicated that feedback is welcomed on the assigned aether passives, just based on Ludwig’s beta aether passive, what possessed them to assign that passive ?

I have played similar games with even 3LB. Besides stupendous stats, the additional passives that come with increased levelling focus more on hero durability:

• slower heroes get built in increased mana gen boost. From 5% to max 20%

• reduced damage 5% to 15%

• increased damage 5% to 15%

• increased heal 5% to 15%

Along these lines. The more generic passives are permanent: increased heal or damage, that sort of thing, transforming a hero into a super hero by the time he’s fully levelled.

Some will get another special unlocked when they are 2LB. The extra special complements their current specials, giving them extra oomph. But still turn based. And need to be activated. Not auto from start of the battle

Or some specials will get upgraded with the 2LB: add 1 extra turn, more healing etc etc. depending on the hero type.

There is nothing wrong with 2LB or 3LB as long as developer is careful to manage the situation carefully and closely, prioritising player welfare first.

As usual Zynga is taking the lazy way out cos they only want to continue milking players.


And now I can no longer dissociate Jessie J from the idea of second aethers…


SGG cares.
What’s more - this is the only thing they care about.

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