2nd 4* hero: Sniper or healer/buffer

Long story short, I have only one 4* maxed - Mist. I had a bunch of 4* waiting at 3.60 for a compass, and today, it has arrived.

It was suggested that healers and buffers are somewhat effective at 3.60 while snipers are kind of neutered, which makes sense.

My sniper options are Caedmon, Sonya (Costume) and Grimm. My healer/buffer is Dr. Dapper… the man, the myth, the legend - Costumed Rigard. Tough choices… maybe you guys can help. Personally, I agree that maxing a sniper is a sensible choice. But which one? All three are very popular and useful, all 3 will eventually get maxed. Just wonder whose special makes more sense right now.

I personally would go for healer so he can stay and keep others alive.


First you need to decide between Sonya and Grimm. Since you have Rigard for the cleanse, what Sonya’s costume does, then I would go Grimm all the way. His attack stat and damage is better all around than the Sonya/Caedmon damage.


Interesting. Yeah, Rigard is also very sturdy. Although I do have his skill maxed, and he is one of my tankiest players. Also thinking that I can work on his costume while he is at 3.60 whereas the rest would be kinda stuck.

True, I was kinda wondering if the fact that Sonya is fast would make any difference.

It depends on what 3* you are using in the other colors I think. Is your Blue stronger or your Green? Which one would a fast hitter help most in?

Absent that information, I’d probably head for Grimm first. Love his defense debuff and use it all the time.

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It doesn’t make up for Grimm’s damage and the -34% defense

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Gotcha, solid argument. I suppose I can work on leveling Grimm while I feed Sonya and Rigard’s costumes.

They’re kinda even, I suppose. I don’t use 3* for raids much, but when I do, my blue is Valen and my green is Berden.

Nope. Same color. Stick to 1 hero per color. I really would not recommend it. You can see this the following


  • Get a new playable hero after 2 months and the second following 2 months later if you do them one by one (your leveling speed will increase later in the game)
  • Or get 2 new heroes after 4 months…wait you also get 2 heroes with the first method :thinking:

One thing to consider: The XP gain on costumes is almost trippled…that means you only need around 40% of the feeders/time of a regular hero. And you will get a new cool ability but no new hero.

As I read you are still in the beginning then having a new hero counts more.

Try to max out 2 4* of each color. At this point you will feel the flexibility you have will drastically increase.

Grimm is a very good choice. Defense down is the biggest damage multiplier in the game.

Happy leveling


not “feed Sonya”, but “feed Sonya and Rigard’s costumes”. What I mean is that If I fully max Grimm, I can still improve Sonya a little by feeding her costume while she’s at 3.60. But if I max Sonya with her costume, Grimm is stuck at 3.60 with no way to improve unless I get more mats. But yeah, I guess I will go with Grimm. Thank you.

Oh yeah…got it now. Yes you can bring the costume up to the same ascension as the hero (but not higher - hero needs to ascend first) …in your case 3.60…while waiting for a new compass. :wink:

At some point later in the game you will have kind of overflow with gloves and compasses. (My shortage has always been gloves.) For me it took about 11.5 months when finishing my first set of 5*. Since then I was not short of compasses and gloves any more…have 48 compasses and 19 gloves right now…just ascended Scarlett some minutes ago…so 1 less of each.

That sounds promising. I am nowhere close to ascending a 5*. I have Tyr and Telluria that I’d like to ascend, and I have 2 rings and 2 tonics. By then, I’m hoping to have plenty of hidden blades and sturdy shields (my next sets will go to BT and Brynhild or Caedmon).

By the way, looove Bjorn, he’s soon to be maxed in my team. He’s becoming my favorite 3*, along with Balthazar the Balltaser.

Me too…as you can see by looking at my avatar.You could choose Balthazar for avatar…would be cool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:

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Yeah, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. But one of these days, I will.

my first 4* max is rigard, 2nd grimm. Now, cRigard +18 and grimm +19 with attack path.

those two with proteus +18, triton +18 and sartana +3 help me to stay at 2500-2600 trophy.

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I would max Rigard first if you have his costume, then Grimm. But at your level of play, I suggest on colour feeding - Rigard gets all the purple, Grimm gets all the blue etc. that is the fastest way to get better depth in early to mid game. Assuming you have decent candidates for the other colours

If you wanted to post your roster, you could get some recommendations on overall training strategy

I try to get at least 3 of every color, preferably a healer, support, and a sniper. Most of them are at 3.60, except for Mist, she’s maxed.

Blue: Grimm, Kiril, Sonya.
Green: Telluria, Hildi, Caedmon
Purple: Rigard, Burt, started working on Sabina, but I think I’ll work on Rigard’s costume now that I have one.
Red: Boldtusk, Kelile, Tyr.
Yellow: Mist, Wu Kong, waiting on a sniper. I have Malosi, but gonna save mats for a 4*.


Grimm was the first 4* I ever ascended, and the first I took to 4/70 and emblemed. He has carried me a long way and is a staple on both my attack and defense teams. IMO even after you start building up a 5* rainbow team, Grimm will continue to have a place in your roster for attacking certain teams. His high atk stat goes really well with this ramming pulverizer skill, and sets up the kill shot for your snipers, if Grimm himself hasn’t already rammed them to pieces already.

Just for reference here’s the order I leveled up my 4* to the final ascension:

Red: Wilbur, Boldtusk, Scarlett
Blue: Grimm, Sonya, Kiril
Green: Caedmon, Telluria (yes a 5*)
Yellow: Mist
Purple: Rigard+costume, Proteus

I ran out of compasses and gloves after that, but after the recent Springvale event I’m fully loaded again, so my next round will be:

Red: Kelile or Gormek depending on things
Blue: Triton, Sonya costume
Green: Peters
Yellow: Li Xiu+costume
Purple: Tiburtus+costume

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One thing to consider: the amount of feeders you need to get one 4* to 4/70, you could get two 4* to 3/60. And a 4* at 3/60 already has 83% the potential of one at 4/70.

For this reason I tend to get my 4*s to 3/60 asap, then sit on them and slowly pick and choose which ones I want to take to final ascension since the last 70 levels become very expensive very quickly.

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