⚔ [29th Nov, 2020] - 84th Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, No Nature/ Green

Top 1% so far today. Still need to use my other 3 flags. I’ve won 20 and lost 2 matches so far.

Defense has been up and down. I think I’ve gotten A-B-A-B. We’ll see what happens today. My defense has won 11 matches and lost 9.

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This tournament can be summed up in one picture:

This ■■■■ shouldn’t be allowed, especially for rush tourneys where it could’ve easily gone the other way. Went 20-5 on offense but what good does that do when your defense is E rated he whole week due to ONE single attack? For the first time in like forever I probably wouldn’t even make it to top 5%. All good, maybe it’s a sign I should stop all spending on this ■■■■■■ mobile game.


This is awful… I know it is RNG, but… 1 attack in a full week ?
I have never seen anything like that.
RNG should garantee at least 1 attack per day…

Yeah it’s pretty BS, but I guess it’s all “random” LOL

Another 1% finish, another tournament without 100 emblems. :rofl: I think I’ve only gotten that reward once. Ah well, loot’s still pretty good.


Score : 17075
Rank : 18

Day | Attacks | Defenses

D1 | 4-1 | A, 6-1
D2 | 5-0 | A, 12-1
D3 | 5-0 | A, 18-2
D4 | 5-0 | A, 23-2
D5 | 5-0 | A, 23-3

My best rank in 3* tourney, but my worst top 1% loot too


I just broke the chain of consecutive top 1% results, top 5% this time.
However, loot is the same as my previous 7 top 1% results: 50 emblems! :joy:

Maybe break of this chain will change my luck, and next time I finally get my first 100 emblems. :crossed_fingers:


As expected my E defense dragged me down to top 10%. Loot not even worth mentioning except for 30 monk emblems which is standard anyway.

I swear if I get top 10% again due to being screwed by RNG I may just rage quit. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: This week’s top 10% could’ve easily been top 1%, but that one single loss completely ■■■■■■ me up. I think I’m gonna go do some rage raiding now…

Fell just outside top10


Day 1 1 - 0 A
Day 2 2 - 2 B
Day 3 2 - 2 B
Day 4 2 - 2 B
Day 5 3 - 2 A

ended up well.

good luck to everyone

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Final Result

Defense: Hawkmoon.C - Nordri - Gunnar.CB - Ulmer - Chick Jr.

ATK: 21-4
DEF: 3-0 (Grade A)
Rank: Top 1% (Top 5,000)

Nice setup with very fast blue… even better if Frosty is maxed, I currently still leveling Frank, maybe next time.



That was surprising.
I finished top 1% (in the top 5,000).

Overall I went

Offense: 19-6
Defense: 10-3
Score: 14,776

2x Ett, 1x Grey Summon, 50 Fighter Emblems (i needed for Magni), 1x Warm Cape, 3x Valhalla Coins


As it is my first 1% I will share some details :slight_smile:
Team: Bane+15, Nordri +9, Gunnar+14, Bjorn+20, Karil+9 with full costume bonus. Overall TP: 2807.
14303 points
Offence: 19-6 with 15 battles won streak at the end
Defence: 11-2


Managed to go 2-0 on defense. Was disappointed to end up at top 5% after 1 refill, and then i got 50 barbarian emblems for malosi and a pair of gloves.


Quite identical tournament as previous one; same rankings on defense, same amount of successful attacks and even very similar rewards.
Ended Top 1%
Attack 19-6 (5-0, 5-0, 1-4, 4-1, 4-1) Day 3 was terrible, but still made it.
Defense 3-1 (A,A,A,A,A)
Defense Team - Nordri, An-Windr, Gunnar regular with C bonus, Ulmer, Sudri

I have over 800 fighter emblems, nowhere to put them.


Final result

On offense 21:4, defense 13:3

Defense team

On offense, if blue tank this was attacking team

Any other tank it was stronger color 3:2, or if heavy amblemed tank, 4:1
But that blue team was in 90% of attacks…
Btw, Frosty is amazing :grin:



Went 21-4 offense, 7-0 defense.
Most of my attacks went c Hawkmoon, c Gunnar, Nordri, Chick Jr. and Ulmer.


Offensively was not a good week for me. Had problems with the trio of Kvasir, Hawkmoon and Gunnar. 3 of my 4 losses came to teams with this trio and 2 of those losses came down to tiebreaker with 5 on 5. Next time this tourny comes around I can see it being harder with Frosty and his minions replacing Hawkmoon.

Defensively was disappointed on monday with a 3/4 start and barely getting a C grade but it picked up the rest of the week with one of my best winning %.

I like my defense to get attacked a lot. It takes the some of the variance out of it and gives a truer picture of how my defense is performing. But after reading @rho post and remembering what it was like before I emblemed, that thought is just selfish. Obviously there is something wrong when I get attacked about 60 times (actually lower than my average for 3* RTs) and he only gets attacked once.


Week Summary - Busy week leading up to Christmas vacation. Limited time in the game. Not the best of weeks overall. More bad play than good play in this tournament. The summary for the week:

Day 1 - 3-2 attacking and 1-0 defending (A-rated defense)
Day 2 - 4-1 attacking and 0-2 defending (D-rated defense)
Day 3 - 2-3 attacking and 0-0 defending (D-rated defense)
Day 1 - 5-0 attacking and 0-0 defending (D-rated defense)
Day 1 - 3-2 attacking and 0-0 defending (D-rated defense)

Overall, I finished 17-8 attacking and 1-2 defending (D-rated defense). Finished Top 10% with the highlight of my rewards being the 30 Fighter emblems. Oh well. I hope to do better in the 4* Bloody tournament no Purple! Good luck all and well done to all the Top 1% and 5% winners! :wink:


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