2916 cups and an active raid shield?



That’s a bit over the threshhold and I really don’t see why anyone would use those things anyways.

I am not gonna pay gems to stay at 2550 for a few hours…


Is the player still at 2916 cups?

Not anymore.

I was able to revenge him a few minutes later. Not sure what happened there.

Well hmm

I don’t really know

But if i had to guess…

I would say…


It was probably a glitch


Shield is not intended to work for top 100…

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I understand that and don’t at the same time.

Why would someone want a shield ta 2400-2500 cups?

It is what it is. I’d never use it. I am over 2600 now most of the time anyways.

Only thing I can think of is to make sure they stay in Diamond long enough to fill the chest. Could come in handy while waiting for their Raid flags to recharge

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Pay 50 gems to ensure a diamond raid chest…? I hope nobody ever does that…

You can’t use sheild when over 2600.

Raid shields were requested by the playerbase, implemented by devs, but i actually don’t know anyone that sees a use for them. Dropping cups isn’t even that bad since you’ll just have to raid more to get into diamond which means you’ll snag a bunch of easy wins & resources along the way then open the chest for even more resources on top of it


About as useless as the alchemy lab.

/me sniggers


Hi, i find in raid diamant class this player whit over 3000 cup and “raid shield active” i think not is possible to buy the raid shield over 2700 cup, have change in this rule???

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May just be a delay thing?

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@zephyr1 @littleKAF @DaveCozy @Rook @Petri


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


Right now, #4 and offline for 6 hrs.

Me rerolling and now I’m getting…

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You’re just too good… Nobody is worthy of facing you :wink:

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