29/12/2019 - 1:13 - War bug - Opponent heroes not firing specials

Short story: I’m struggling for tiles and down to 3 main heroes while the opponent still has 5 standing:

1:06 I remove Domitia with a single blue tile
1:13 I fire a vertical line of blue tiles against Joon charging his special as well as my 3 remaining heroes. Opponent’s Misandra gets charged and is ready to fire as well.
1:15 I wait for my death, but nothing happens… I hesitate and wait, but Misandra and Joon are just standing there doing nothing…
1:25 O well, might as well finish this… :innocent:

Was it working as intended, or could it have been a bug? Just posting this here to see if anyone else has had similar experiences in war or raids.

Not complaining… We lost our war but I got my 6/6, albeit with a bit of luck… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a bug though. If you see carefully, when you fired the blue tiles at Joon, Misandra’s mana bar was not full. So when you fired your blue tiles at Joon his mana bar was also almost full, but after their turn ended their mana bars became full. So, you got your turn again and fired your specials.

The reason it seemed like a bug was because none of the opponent heroes had any slash attacks lined up, so you hitting them with blue tiles and then they getting their normal mana after their turn almost happened instantaneously, giving the illusion that they didn’t fire their specials. :slight_smile:

Usually what happens is that the opponents first fire their specials, then their slash attacks and then gain a small amount of mana after their turn is over. Here the first two steps didn’t happen. :slight_smile:


Cheers TPK:) Was thinking the same, but needed confirmation from others. I was just stunned when nothing happened… Just couldn’t get my head around the idea that I was not hit that round…

Well, guess we can chalk it down to ‘working as intended’… Makes my 6/6 legit… :joy:


Well I am glad that we reached the same conclusion. Congratulations on 6/6 in the war. I had the same too (link). Wishing you the best for the new year. :slight_smile:


A Happy New Year to you too! Cheers for the link… Great hits! :+1:


Cheers @zephyr1! Guess this topic can be closed.

A Very Happy New Year to you and all the other moderators! Keep up the good work! :heart_eyes:


Thanks, Happy New Year to you too!

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