⚔ [28 Mar, 2021] - 101st Raid Tournament - 4* Buff Booster, All Elements

Score : 15521
Rank : 40204
Defense : B (50.6%)
Loot : Top 5% (1 Epic hero token (and Springvale Portal give me Dawa), 50 Ranger Emblem, 3 Underwild Coin)


Dropped quite a but due to defense down to E, but remained in top1. Loot is not great, but not bad either.

(plus traptools and a reset-emblem, but have plenty of those)


Ended Top 1%
Defense unchanged, so ended A last day
Rank 2588

And at least I got Chick Jr I didn’t have from EHT.


Top 5% finish.

Shield + 50 wizard emblems.


@Vikingblood80 ty for the tag and extra explanation of those raids. And congratulations on your final outcome remaining in top 1%!!

enjoy your day

Hope to see your posts on next raid tournament.



Saturday, April 03, 2021
Final outcome 4 star buff no purple heros
Top 1%
Grade “A” defense

Looking forward to our next Raid tournament. See you by Monday than?



Huh? What did I explain? But feel free to ask…I just like explaining things and giving hints to others.

Hang in! I’ll be definitly there…though the number of my posts may vary each week. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My campaign for this tournament resulted in a 23-2 slate. Defence was C. Top 1%.

I got a warm cape, 3 ETTs (which all yielded me 3* troops), and 50 Cleric emblems.

Indeed, see you all next week for the next tournament! :sunglasses:


Weeeee top ten percent ! Got a telescope for Magni I needed . Congrats to all the titans who kicked my butt .


Final def grades
B, A, A, A, A

My monkey was very drunk on day 1 and lost the first two defenses leading to a B, but made a nice comeback and won most of the defenses after. Wu tank worked better than I thought it would!

25 wins on offense

Got some boots, 2 troop tokens and 100 emblems, not bad!

Good gaming!


Went 18-3 on offense and 5-1 on defense for top 5%. Didn’t do well early and saved some flags for the last few days.

Wu and C-Sabina were the hardest enemies I faced.

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Venting ahead:

I’m actually pissed at how defense grade can screw you over even when your defense is doing fine. Last 3 tournaments I finished 22-3, 23-2 and 22-3 respectively. I never finished top 1%.

Why? My defense, of course. Normally, finishing 22-3, or even 21-4 was always enough to finish in top 1% almost no matter what. But now, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore and it’s a bit aggravating. Those last 3 tournaments I mentioned, first two were indeed crap defenses. The worst or one grade away from the worst, which understandably tanks my score enough to knock me out of top 1%.

The last one, however, my defense finished with the grade of B. But the problem was it won like last 3, or 4 out of last 5, to get me to that grade. The grades of D and C beforehand guaranteed I was capped with who I could beat and ultimately locked me out of top 1%. It means the grade is completely meaningless and it’s actually just a cockblock on the way to top 1%, in a way that it probably wasn’t intended to be.

I thought it would make more sense for the defense grade to be a coefficient for my offensive performance, but due to sheer randomness it’s just a goddamn concrete block around my ankles, preventing me from even fighting teams I could easily beat and get better scores.

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Don’t come around here with your common sense …! Sorry that happened . That stinks .

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