[27/30] Valhalla Uprising: THREE Open Seats Available! [27/30]

26/30 members! Just knocked down a Titan and won the War! We have 3 open seats ( one is reserved ). Small groups or individuals looking for a new crew are very welcome! Post in chat and say hey! :smile:

I am in a dead alliance, may I have an invite to this one?

No need for invite boss. Simply start up your game and go to the Alliance Search, then type “Valhalla Uprising” . Hit the Titan as often as you are able, uncheck the War button if you dont choose to participate, communicate if you will be absent for any reason, and have fun! Looking forward to see ya soon!

One open seat at the table of Valhalla! Please keep in mind, we only ask for open communication, Wars are not mandatory (but please “uncheck” if you aren’t available, and HIT THOSE NASTY titans!!

2 Seats Open in the Alliance. Keeping active and dropping Titans is our goal!

2 seats available! Come check us out this weekend if you’re looking for a new home!

2 seats open. Alliance monitored consistently, looking for active, friendly, new members!

Come join our group, we’d love to have you!

ITS RAINING GEMS TODAY! Great day to be apart of a great alliance :blush: . 2 open seats if you’re lookin for a new group :wink:

ONE SPOT LEFT!! Looking for active members! Wars are not mandatory if you uncheck. Titans are mandatory, but simply communicate in chat if you will be absent, and you’re good!

Titan toasted! Active members welcome!

Several open seats today! Feel free to introduce yourself when joining :slight_smile:

Only one open seat at the moment! Please, if you join, do your best to remain active and communicate.

One of our warriors has fallen! Valhalla Uprising has room for ONE new member to join our Great Hall!

2 Open seats! Valhalla is looking for warriors!

Room for ONE more! Who needs a new home?? :wink:

Potentially 3 open spots within the next 24 Hours. If you try to join and it says “full”, you may post here and I will update you. We have a 24 hour warning policy, no one gets booted without notice. To avoid getting booted:

  1. Hit the titan. (or communicate extended absence)
  2. Uncheck the War Participation box (or obviously … participate :smile: )
  3. Maintain 600 trophies
  4. No foul or abusive language.

3 warriors have fallen. Looking to fill 3 empty seats! Please do your best to hit the titans and communicate!

3 spots, feel free to introduce yourself in chat when you enter!

TGIF :smiley: New Titan and War start soon! 3 open seats!

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