2600 Gem Summons


I did the 2600 summons and I got 6 level 3s and 4 level 4s. Only one is what I didn’t have. I also thought I was supposed to get a free summons for doing 10 and I didn’t receive that. What can be done to fix this “issue”?


Bonus summon is about lucky. Does not matter how many heroers you bought. You can buy 50 and also you can have no one.


I fully understand it is about “luck”. I didn’t receive Chao nor Aegir.


You actually got ten bonus rolls, one for each summons you made. With each roll, there’s a 1.2% chance that you’ll get a bonus draw of the current HotM. So, in ten chances, you didn’t roll the 1.2% chance in any one of the ten attempts. That’s normal and would happen 88.6% of the time [= (100% - 1.2%)^10].


Thanks for the formula. Was I supposed to get the two heroes you showed? If so, I didn’t get them.


I didn’t show those, but, no, that was @Ambassador_SVK’s example of what they summoned (showing that pulling Aegir is indeed possible). Here’s how summons works:

First, there’s a roll for what :star: level you get. In Elemental Summons, the odds are:

  • Rare (3 :star:) 71.0%
  • Epic (4 :star:) 26.5%
  • Legendary (5 :star:) 2.5%

Second, having determined the rarity of the hero, there’s a second roll that determines which particular hero you’ll get among heroes of that rarity. For example, if it rolled that you’d get a 4 :star: hero and you were doing a Holy Elemental Summons, then there’d be equal odds of pulling the four 4 :star: Holy heroes: Chao, Wu Kong, Li Xiu, and Hu Tao. @Ambassador_SVK rolled a Chao, and so that pops up.

Finally, there’s another hidden roll. If it’s that 1.2% chance, then you get the HotM. @Ambassador_SVK made that lucky roll and so got Aegir.


Thanks for the clarification. So I’m stuck with what I got.


Yep, sorry.

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Since the last release I notice that I am getting allot less three starts on summon token and with epic I either get just a three star I have already. The last round of summoning I got all three starts and 1 4 start that I already had. I all of them were duplicates. I fed most of the two color 4 starts I have that were blue and purple. After two round of spending money to try to get other colors and just getting duplicates I going to quit spending money on the jems. It just not worth the money.