⚔ [26 Apr, 2020] - 53rd Raid Tournament - 4* Bloody Battle, No Purple/ Dark

Used my fun defense this time:

And it wasn’t great, but not bad either:

  • wins: 14,
  • losses: 17,
  • grades: B, A, B, C, C.

Top 5% and pretty good loot:

Screenshot_20200502-103031751 (1)

My alt didn’t lose a single battle in tournament, def wasn’t flawless, but still great:

Screenshot_20200502-103717031 (1)

Not much on the loot side, though.


Top 1%… only maybe 2nd or 3rd time achieved… woot!

But then…

1x common herb, 1x large bone, 1x leather strap (1*)
1x battle manual (3*)
2x minor mana potion (1*)
3x silver summon token
10x barb emblems
5x Valhalla coins

That is so insulting that I’m contemplating uninstalling :rofl:


Yeah saw you listed in that top 10, got all excited thinking “omg is that the famous zephyr1?? great result!!” :star_struck:


Day 4

  • Offense: 4-1 (18-2)
  • Defense: 1-7 (11-14, C)

Day 5

  • Offense: 4-1 (22-3)
  • Defense: 1-0 (12-14, C)

Defense was hit hard on day 4, dunno what happened, but as I was able to finish all attacks on offense I ended up in top 1 % without a problem.


  • 2x ETT, 10 emblems and 10 Valhalla coins

Top 1% overall

2x ETT 1x Regular Token
30 Paladin Emblems = which I am very happy for, as I have Telluria max now, and I am doing Clarissa.
10x Valhalla Coins

I think I got a Sturdy Shield too. I can’t remember without looking.



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I got some pretty good stuff across all three profiles. Each one got at least one unfarmable, my 1st alt (finished the highest out of all 3 at 5%) got a reset emblem and a costume key along with an unfarmable. 2nd alt got a troop token. Lucked out this time. Defense on my main held out pretty good, got an A rank surprisingly. And managed to finish in the 10% despite missing a day.

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I’m intrigued by this! My defense team is a bit worse than yours (yours is good btw!) in as much as there are way too many emblems on mine but I only got attacked ~7 times from memory, losing just twice for an A grade (I was so happy!). The teams I was facing had, for the most part, ~80-90 emblems.

EDIT: I so badly want a yellow and purple mana troop!

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If you tap on the three dots below your message, there will be a trash can icon that you can click to delete it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Again for the second tournament in a row I experienced all the joy of my 3* ascension mat being Chainmail…yay

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Top 10 finisher’s defenses. Congrats on #8 @zephyr1


late post…

Final Result

Hansel - Chao - Li - Jackal - Jack’ O Harre
Defense: I think Grade B
Rank: Top 5%


Unfarmable AM is welcome.

Congrats @zephyr1 for rank 8, and @Argon rank 22 :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thanks @jinbatsu. My alt goes by name Xenon :wink:


So, with about 45 minutes left to go, I fell from the top 1% into the top 5%. But the final tournament results, I was again in the top 1%. Could it be that the Defense results are added at the end of the tournament, and not calculated simultaneously? I went 9-3 on Defense and earned an A grade.

It would be interesting to know.

Defense points are always added at the end of each battle day.
Consider about 1.500.000 players participate each week in a tourney…it takes some minutes to calculate their results and to order it by any sorting algorithm. You can see this by “Processing” and of course ranks are gonna change until the whole process is done for every player…like 1.5 million times.


Thanks for this summary. I was very intrigued at the 1st place finisher’s defense team. Unemblemed wu kong for tank and 3 S1 heroes. Minimal yellow heroes as well. If you look at the others in top 10, almost all have an event/Atlantis hero. I wonder how significant that Mirweave+17 was as flank.

But you didn’t encounter your Kryptonite? (which as we all know does not occur on Earth, much like di-Lithium!!)

It can be misleading to judge a defense by just one example. It’s been pointed out a couple of times that defensive points are a small part of the score and a player may only be attacked a couple of times at the beginning of the tourny and go the rest of the tourny with an A grade not being attacked anymore. I think the best way to look at it is as a group. Like you pointed out 1 player doing 1 thing and the other 9 doing someting else. I would think the 9 was significant and the 1 maybe a fluke.

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Yea I guess you’re right. There’s a lot of randomness and luck involved in the tournaments with matchmaking. I’m just trying to see what other people are doing to improve my defensive performance. Typically, I only get top 25% or worse. I think there was only once I got top 1% and it was for a 3* tournament. It seems like it will be difficult for me to reach top 1% in 4* tournaments since I dont’ plan on embleming my 4* heroes.

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Yea, same for me. 1 time 1% in a 3*. The only 4* I have emblemed are healers and Wilbur.

Exactly why I post the top 10. It’s something I want to see the next time the same tourny rolls around and thought it might be useful to others. Good luck.

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