25th Raid Tournament Oct 6 2019 - Guinevere working despite "Bloody Battle"?

Hello there,

in the tournament started today, with “Bloody Battle” special rule, I faced Guinevere in the enemy team during my last attack.

Despite the “Bloody Battle” rule, Guin buffed herself and allies with HP regeneration, at least it showed the heart symbol. And I am pretty sure she actually regenerated HP. I am 100% sure that it showed the usual animation, but I am also pretty sure that the health bar increased.

I didn’t instantly notice that something was wrong, I instinctively fired Caedmon and only afterwards thought “Wait, what was that?”.

Can someone look into this or confirm this?


The motion is there and everything but it will show 0 while healing same thing goes for healing elemental link
But will pay attention in 2nd day just to make sure, i just hope to meet guin to confirm


Just fought Alberich and what @Expired stated is correct.

The buff is added to the character, but heal for 0. The animations stay the same as usual, so that’s maybe what made you consider it, but there is no healing attached to it.
So unless you can provide video stating otherwise, there is no issue

Alby even « revived » 2 of his allies, as the revive animation went to 2 dead heroes, but they stayed dead and i won easily!


During tournament battle opponent’s Guinevere ability healed herself and the heroes beside her.

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I’ve only faced one Guin in the tournament and I dont think her special healed anybody. The animation is definitely still there but the effect is not. I’ll take a video the next time I run into one.

Exactly. I met Guin, Ares and Tarlak. It is only the animations, they don’t heal. I paid attention to these kind of things…

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