⚔ [25th Oct, 2020] - 79th Raid Tournament - 3* Buff Booster, No Fire/ Red

Id agree with the group that says tank grevle and remove bane for mneusses or another green hitter like berden. Sry to set back to you so much later. Ik I’ve already chosen but I just wanted to recognize your question.
Good luck @rho

5W 0L
Screenshot_20201026-072728 Screenshot_20201026-072749

Screenshot_20201026-072638 Screenshot_20201026-072617
I used the 2 teams to attack this morning- they were a 3-2 of the 3 greens on my defense, paired with 2 darks tyrum Bjorn. And 3 greens with melia and bjorn . Grevle tank teams were good boards so I never had to worth too much today. Nice, easy, consistent start! Very uplifting and also puts me on alert! I know those + 200s are coming soon!

DEFENSE is doing what the @Lexxtarc predicted so far

TOP 1% but nowhere near leaderboard. Those guys have firepower! I want to see some of them this week!


Wow! You saw some heavy duty teams on the first day. I had a player tank a deuce for me!

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Aaaand it will be like that till the end of the week. :muscle::joy:


Offense and defense going perfect for now!

Badger leading me to 5 : 0 and 2 : 0 on def :slight_smile:


So far 2 wins on defense. Offense I will do tonight after work, hopefully I can replicate your and @Slobix succes!

The attackers who lost have the “standard” defense with their strongest allowed heroes (lots a +20), but not necessarily good teams.


4/5 attacks on my defense won, for an 80% win rate :grin:

5/5 won on offense for me

I suppose that could’ve worked too :thinking:

I went with the defense drop in the end to force them to bring either cTyrum, or a slower choice if they don’t have him. That, or they risk ignoring the incremental defense drop and getting slaughtered by slash attacks.


And offense 5-0. Last opponent was +100 (and managed to make the first defensive kill with Balthazar+20 went off followed by a slashattack killed bjorn. But far too late to affect the outcome).

0 point top1 bug not yet fixed:




Nr4. Why? But thanks for the easy win.

Nr5, up to +100 (but only vanilla)

Defense suffered one loss (from a diamond player with a decent defensive team) for 2-1, still A.


Good start on day one, going 5-0 on offense. Fairly straight forward attacks apart from almost losing to a Grevie tank. That badger is fierce once he goes off, but I managed to turn my fortunes around thanks to my own Grevie, c.Belith and Mnesseus overcoming a 3 vs 5.

Defense has blown it out the park so far! Currently at 6-0. If this holds until the end of day 1, it’ll be the best defensive start to a tournament I’ve had.

Def team I settled on:



Wow, looks like a great start for many of you with 5/0 starts. I went 4/1. Had a brain fart and ended up playing my first match with the offense the computer auto picked for me. It didn’t go well. Defense was 7/2.


Looking at those three teams they all look like auto-fills. Looks like highest power from left to right.

My defense is 0-1, and my opponent has a +59 defense team with s3 and s2 heroes. I do not have any 3*s with emblems that could participate in this tournament. I’m guessing my opponent had a horrible day on offense and finally worked his way down to my power level? At least offense is going well although will probably be +100s tomorrow.

Sidenote: seem like my defense would be tested more if I put emblems on them, but would rather build up my war attack teams first.


Not necessarily… I’m in the middle ground, with 6-11 emblems on my main 3* heros… On day 1, I’m usually attacked between 0 and 2 times, by someone with high emblems. Currently my defence is at 1-0, so again just one attack. Day 2 and 3 usually bring some battles with lower emblemed team. On day 4 and 5 again very few attacks. I guess all of us are fighting +100 teams in the end.

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Day 1 - My tournament started so-so. I went 4-1 attacking and 2-2 defending (B-rated defense). My single lost was to a Grevle-Kvasir-Grevle-Kvasir-Grevle team. Little bees ate me up! Hopefully, my defense picks it up. Good luck all! :wink:


Day 1
Att: 5:0
Def: 1:1 B-Rating

Day 2
Att: 5:0
Def: 0:2 E-Rating

Day 3
Att: 2:3
Def: 0:0 so far still E-Rating :pensive:

Likely going out tomorrow for the first time since 2 months :frowning:
Update as usual


Huh, some really tough teams today. Went 4-1, so now it’s 9-1 overall. Defence scored 1-0 on Day 1, so it was an A. The current score:

4 wins, among them against the first team of tp 3000+ this weak. Went 3-2 all the way.

And one loss from, on paper, the weakest team.

My decision was to try mono team for the first time ever in 3* world. The reasoning behind was to try to get rid of Gunnar asap, and if I do that it should be easier because this defence was a bit passive. I believed I have a solid team to go mono here:

But, no tiles. My first green match came right after Gunnar casted his special, soon after Grevle and it was the end.
A question: what do you think about this decision? Was my team actually ok, but it was just bad luck?


Start of Day 02:

Offense, still no losses though have had a few close calls.

Defense, currently a D after going 1-1 (B) on Day 1. Hopefully I get attacked a few more times. I have faith in Grevle. :grin:


Day 1: 4-1
Day 2: 4-1

Defense: 2-3

I don’t mind now, I have done the POV challenge for the entire thing, so what will be will be now. I won’t continue with gems when I die tomorrow.


I guess it’s bad luck; it’s the risk you take with mono. If the tiles are there in time, you mostly win. But when they aren’t, it’s going to be hard. 3/2 is less of a risks, as there are 2 colors you can use

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Yeah, that’s the reason I was avoiding that in tourneys, raids are easier, there’s always the next one. :tipping_hand_man:t2:

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