25th Marik Militia - relaxed, but active alliance - is looking for new members! Come and give us a try!

The 25th Marik Militia is looking for you!
Come and give us a try!

Key Facts:

  • Language: English
  • Cups Requirement: 1800
    (you can drop below that after joining - we won’t kick you out, no worries!)
  • Members: 20/30
  • Member levels: 43-75
  • Titans: 8/9-star
    (but we’ll do our best to take down a special 10/11-star if needed, so we can later rant about all the 4-star ascension materials we weren’t lucky enough to get :wink: )
  • Required: participation, sense of humour.

Sounds good? Please read on!

We’re an English-speaking alliance (don’t be fooled by the in-game alliance language - we picked Norwegian so we can freely curse and use profanities in the game chat :wink: ) with members mostly in the US timezones, but some of us - like myself - are based in EU.

We are currently at 19 Members looking for additional ladies and gents to join our pack. We are relaxed, but active in-game. As every Alliance out there we expect our members to participate in Titan activity as well as to use their War flags. If there is no interest in wars or you’re busy then we are only asking to opt out of matchmaking.

Some of us are P2W, but we also have F2P and C2P players - everyone is very welcome and there is no pressure on spending money on this game.

No war generals / scripts, just do your best and beat the crap out of the enemy. Green war tanks very strongly preferred.

We have a semi-active Discord channel for chats, questions, team selection advice etc. but joining it is not mandatory.

If you are an active player interested in “deep minded” discussions about the game, life or whatever, then you might be just the one we are looking for!

In case of any questions feel free to contact me here

Updated numbers in the original post.

Keeping the thread alive to avoid spamming with a new one.

We’ve got 3 new members, but we still have 8 spots left!

Bumping again, still 8 spots open.

Bumping again, still looking!

Only 3 spots left, hurry up! :wink:

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