250 sorcerer emblems problem

Closing in to 250 emblems and I’m undecided… Should I take Mitsuko to +20 or keep her indefinitely at 19 and take Vanda to +4 and further up? I also have a Quintus at +7 that I always use in purple mono, so I wouldn’t like to strip him. Emblems keep him alive to cast and paired with c.Rigard and c.Tibs, he really does a good job.

Should mention Mits is my raid defense tank with lvl.22 mana troops… and Finley killer superstar on attack :laughing:

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Great, that means almost lvl 23, no need to Mits+20, but… if you bring another Avarage red heroes on offense, maybe you can get another red mana to lvl 17 for Mits+20 (later).

Thanks for the info, wasn’t sure about the troop levels needed. Anyway, work in progress on the next mana troops. But I’ll need them at 11 for Vanda.

And if you place her in defense, mana bonus is a great additional, not so big factor, but it is significant per one turn if she can full mana faster.

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