⚔ [25 Apr, 2021] - 105th Raid Tournament - 4* Buff Booster, No Ice/ Blue

Day 5

Now, I’m at rank 548 if my defense are attacked too many times, I will be in the leader board 2 times in row. I think SG don’t want that to happen. Anyway, I am 100% sure that I will get in top 1% loot.

O : 5-0 (25-0)

Still with C Melendor+20, C/CB Caedmon+20, C/CB Rigard+20, CB Tiburtus+20, Proteus+18 in all 5 attack. @rho I agree x2 dispeller + x2 healer + mana controller is a winning combo. I don’t have Mist, Ametrine and Sheep, so I use Proteus, Caedmon and C Melendor instead. I also learn the lesson from the previous 4* buff booster as well “If you can dispel them, cure lower defense and heal, they can’t kill you” and yes “snipe the defense dead in 4*” don’t work well. However, in my opinion, I think x2 healer is the most important thing. 4* healer is powerful. Even you can’t dispel or block their skill, x2 healer usually make you survive long enough for your other heroes to get full charge.

D : 50.7% (30+)

Overall is B B B C B. Defense is unexpectedly back to B grade. It is down to 48% in end of day 4 but come back to B grade. Thank for anyone who buy back and lose against my team :smiling_imp: I also found that there are significant number of people who buy back in day 5. There are many 3500-3800 team power player attack my defense in day 5.

@rho About your defense and your result, how do you think about x2 average AoE flank ?


Yeah I learned the hard way from a few rush tourneys a while back that going mono when you really don’t have to is a super dumb idea. I also had to completely relearn how to raid all over again because I was used to raiding with just one healer and then front loading on damage. But as emblems and troops started getting out of control, I gradually accepted the fact having two healers and going 4-1 instead of 3-2 gave me the best/most consistent results.

Well since my defense is an A throughout, I want to say I think it works! But my own attacks have shown that a buff heavy defense can easily crumple to a yurple stack of the right heroes (granted, pretty paywalled and not exactly easy to get), which is why I went with BT as the only buffer/healer, and focused more on giving ailments instead. Tbh I still think cKelile is the real star of my defense, because 400+ burn damage over 2 turns will kill your entire team super fast if you don’t get it cleansed right away.

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This was a fun tourney, followed by pretty crappy loot. :joy:

Better luck next week! :slight_smile:


Erm, loot was uhhh, kinda weirdly ok-good-ish? :joy: Have a look yourelf:

No mats, but 3x ETT and a reset emblem (especially the reset) are certainly much welcomed. Too bad no 100 emblems though, but rogue is a very crowded class for me so :+1:. Maybe it’s a sign I should finally take Brynhild, Zila Lei, and Griffin to +19 and Kelile to +20 :thinking:


I’m not complaining about the loot.

1 EHT always makes me happy. Good luck on the loot rollz :wink:



O: 24-1
D: 7-0 (AAAAA)

Score: 19 743
Rank: 141
Best 1%

One of my best results so far but the loot… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::man_facepalming:t4:
At least, I got wizard emblems, which I need so much.

See you in the next tournament.

Take care. :wink:


This is probably one of my unluckiest tournament campaigns. I just missed the Top 1% by a few hundred spots, as I landed in the Top 5%.

Offence: 22-3. At least I did not use any gems to continue in the tournament.
Defence: B. But the first two days had a rough start at E, so it definitely contributed to my placing.


Score : 18980
Rank : 800
Loot Tier : Top 1%

Still not get 100 emblem but Wizard is the emblem that I want most. My Kiril, Proteus, Isarnia and Sartana like it :smile:


FINAL Results and Loot

OFFENSE : 19-4
DEFENSE : 5-2 / A-A-A-A-A


Managed to hold on to 1% and loot was

Happy about the loot, much better than usual, 100 emblems plus 2 troop tokens.


Worst tournament in a while so can’t complain about the loot :yum:

Monk emblems are welcome since the non-costume version of Joon is almost done.

See you guys next tournament!


With 9-4, ended top50. But loot was actually not that bad, can’t have too many trooptokens

Defense started bad with 0-3, but straight B’s next, ended with 10-9. So just an unlucky first day.




Top 5%
Offense 19-3
Defense 1-4 :frowning:

One of the few tournaments where I didn’t end using all my possible attacks. Oh well.

I used BT - Wilbur - Falcon - C.Rigard - Gullinbursti on 20+ of the attacks and it worked pretty well. It did make most of the battles long though. One of the boards was definitely rigged though.


Defenses of the top 10 defenses


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