⚔ [24th Jan, 2021] - 92nd Raid Tournament - 5* Buff Booster, No Holy/ Yellow

I decided to put Zimkitha in for GM for the faster cleanse. Hopefully, she will help offset the negative defense from Killhare after she fires. I know Kunchen has a cleanse as well, but it’s at slow mana and sometimes it does not fire in time. Thoughts?

After wasting way too much time on this, I’ve settled on this defense:

Yes it’ll get mono blue’d out the wazoo, but the hope here is if they take out Gravey early, they still can’t ghost, and will be hitting weak tiles against Lianna who will hopefully give them an arrow to the knee. Lepus on other wing so I don’t get immediately destroyed by a good blue starting board. Ironically this is basically what my first thought was, except cMarj was in place of Gravey. Talk about time NOT well spent. :expressionless:

(you will notice the complete lack of buffs except for Gravey for good reason: Finley, 'nuff said)

@JAWS1 Killahre’s defense down is un-cleansable like all Springvale self-debuffs FYI


Thanks @rho I orally forgot about that! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Nooby question: dodge is counted as a buff?:thinking:

Dodge? No.

The buff froma hero which allows dodging? Yes

So ninja family bonus = no
Buff from Inari/Margaret / Kadilen Costume etc… = yes


The Rogue talent of dodge is not counted either. I think the Paladin’s protect is the only class talent that counts as a buff

Edit : When in doubt, this thread is a treasure

Thanx @Guvnor! I’m torn between C-Kadilen and her dodging for all, and regular Kad+costume bonus to take advantage of her bigger damage/Kunchen def down/BK attack buff…:thinking:

@rho and @B1gHeadAss, for my case IMO, I think that is my current optimal defense setup, I do not have many option that do buff on 5* heroes.

Mono is not always good, specially if lack of leveled troop,… and If you have other option with best buff and emblemed. If my BK is maxed and emblemed I would put BK in my defense, waiting 3x rings in my case.

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It’s always the same in each tournament. Excellent first day and then I’ll have nasty following days. :sweat_smile:

Btw, I don’t have so many good 5* heroes, so I decided to use the same team that I’ve got in my raid defense.

W: 5
L: 0

The battles were like a rollercoaster. I tested lord Loki for the first time in this tournament and helped me against the Alfrike left wing team. The last one had too much defense power so I went with mono purple and it worked.

Defense team is doing really bad. :tired_face:

W: 0
L: 3

Good luck! :wink:


Day 1: 4-1, not a bad day, started pretty high in the food chain, so I see this week will be tough. :slightly_smiling_face:
Defence started well, with 2-1. Went with your proposal @rho so thanks! My expectations are not high, so this is a great take off.


I won 3 difficult matches and then lose an EASY 4th match (+16 cRigard Tank with unemblemed Clarissa and Black Panther)… then I win a difficult 5th game.

Day 1
Offense: 4-1
Defense: 0-0 (not been attacked so far but lots of time to go)


Started 4-0 and almost made it 5

Only loss was against this heavily emblemed and trooped team. Got the tank down but Ariel healed with fewer than 100 hp. Still scored over 400 points

Used a similar 3 Red lineup all 5 times
Onyx/cCaedmon - Brynhild - Elena - Khagan - Grazul. Switched between Onyx and the Caedmons depending on whether I needed dispel or cleanse. Simple strategy - get Elena’s counter up with Brynhild’s undispellable buff and watch the enemy kamikaze themselves :smirk:

Defense is 2-1 so far. Better than expected first day

Good fighting everyone!


Day 1. Went without expectations, had good boards, and 5-0. Only 1 match where that crucial 4th match (red/green, still don’t have manatroops in those colours) kept me with just my greens, but they did their job in the end.

Defense also going strong with 4-0


1st day and three losses already. But given the rewards I got for ranking in top 1% last two times, I don’t think it’s worth stressing about.


Me being smart about other defenses is resulting my defense in currently 1 : 2 … Plans for A+ defense are going away… hopefully during my sleep, they do something about it :slight_smile:

I went Frigg - Ariel - Ursena - JF - Frigg


Day 1 - Not a bad day. I went 4-1 attacking and 1-1 defending (B-rated defense). I messed up with my 1st battle hitting the battle button before I had set my attacking team. Oh well. It happens and I deserve the end result! After repairing the hole I put in the wall, I finished the last 4 battle with ease. Let see how the rest of the week goes. All defenses I will face the rest of the week will be 4600+ with maxed or near maxed emblems. Should be interesting! Good luck all! :wink:


Frigg-JF-Frigg would’ve been a much more effective center IMO, stack blue and good luck with the double Friggs, or stack red and watch JF go off and give 2 buffs to everyone with slash attacks now doing 250 damage each.

Day 1
4-1 offense, 2-1 defense

1 loss due to a spectacularly bad board against Kunchen+20. Went 4-1 blue-green but board was just full of greens with 3 blue tiles, and didn’t matter what I did the blues just never showed up. At least I managed to take out Kunchen so not a complete loss. Oh well. :man_shrugging:


It would be, yes.

But that is me looking backwards… When seting up, I was focusing on buffs for tourney rules, thats why ursena, ariel jf in middle :wink:

Fair enough, but this is also why I generally ignore the buff boost rule and just put out a team as if it was my raid defense with the best possible synergy given the allowed colors.

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