24 hour prep needed?

Is the 24 hour pre-war prep needed in alliance wars?

Alliances are notified that war will begin in 24 hours and are locked down to prevent “mercenaries” from coming in at the last minute to add bigger hitters to a group. Also, alliances are shown who their opponent is going to be, but that doesn’t mean groups can see the opponents “war” defense.

Alliances can see who their opponent is but can only see their traditional raid defense. Not the “war” defense, so what good is it?

The ability to set up a strategy is lost if you don’t know what the opponent is going to use for war. The first glimpse at the opponents defense for war isn’t viewed until war begins. So then why is the 24 hour pre-war period needed?

Players can set up general strategies and level heroes anytime in the game, a pre-war time isn’t needed unless that alliance isn’t smart enough to level troops and discuss war outside the war set up.

Why can’t alliance war matchups be done a couple hours prior to war starting? I could see a need for a timer to warn groups when war will begin to allow alliances to be ready to start, but there is no need to lock down and alliance and match them up with an opponent 24 hours prior when it can be done much closer to war start.
Perhaps a solution could be to lockdown an alliance one hour prior to war start then the algorithm can match up the opponents.

Just a suggestion.


This game is worldwide, which means it is played in every time zone simultaneously. Since a war defense doesn’t automatically fill when you first become eligible, and may need to be adjusted as players get/level new heroes, it would be decidedly unfair for a war to start with only a couple of hours for prep. Suppose you just hit level 12, or just finished leveling Boldtusk for your war defense. At 3am your time, you get notified that a war will start, and at 5am it starts. When you wake up at 7 am, it’s too late for you to set or adjust your defense, and you may get shut out entirely.

If there was a way to designate a war defense like we do for raid defense, then the 24 hour prep window wouldn’t be needed.


Alliances still need the 24 hour window. Because the points pool is split among all the locked in defenders you cannot see your points until you see the entire alliance’s defense. It will be even more important with the change made to v1.12 to give players immediate feedback ( Note 1 ) discouraging the Fabian strategy ( Note 2 ).

On a social engineering level, many players won’t ask for advice, are in a different time zone which make advice difficult to discuss, or if they get advice from teammates won’t take it. But if they saw Player A go undefeated last war, this war they might analyze Player A’s war defense team to try and improve their own.

Personally I check my wife’s defense team, my good friend’s defense team and the alliance co-leader defense teams ( since they are in the front row ). A few times we have caught a Rigard 4* 1.1 instead of a Rigard 4* 4.70, or a common villager paired with Vivica 5* 4.80. Multiple sets of eyes catch mistakes.

Note 1
Great idea Kerridoc

Note 2)
Fabian strategy don’t work


I just think of the prep-phase the “Fog of War” aspect of the game. Both armies are marching towards the battlegrounds. Each side knowing there is an opposing force, but do not know how many squads there are (how many actual prepped/readied for war) and the composition of the teams (a team may field a war team different than their raid defense team). I suppose just adds a little anticipation and excitement to the whole prep period.

When the war is actually starts and the battlefield is scanned, it’s time to let loose. I just wish we have archer backups too. :laughing:

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Attacking forces should at least be bringing catapults! :grinning:


Catapults are used on defense too… If attackers are bringing catapults, what’s to stop the defense with revenge catapults? :smiley:

But the way the battlefields look appear to just be two armies across the river from each other.

  1. Time zones
  2. Focused leveling
  3. Keeps mercs out

Really all that’s important to me is number 3, but the first 2 benefit from the longer window as well. The posts above have some really good examples.

Not sure, G-knight who is responsible fot this bit of whimsy, but it is my joke-of-the-day.

Is this the new up date that coming up?