[24/30] Valhalla Uprising: Several Open Spots! [24/30]

  • Fun, active, helpful group. Looking for new faces!

  • We are experienced players who enjoy giving advice, tips, and tricks.

  • Regularly updated and monitored. Reminders for War, Quests, Titans.

  • Great teamwork and strategy for Titans; aiming for 8 stars+ with new members!

  • 1800 Trophies Required.

  • Someone is always online! Early birds to Vampires :wink:

  • Must hit the Titan! Wars are optional (and fun!). Idle players on either get a warning.

  • Relaxed and Understanding. We all have lives outside of the game! Communicate with us vacations, work, family, etc. and we got your back!

  • Family friendly. Foul language or dirty jokes are not welcome.

  • Currently 5 seats left in the Great Hall of Valhalla.

  • When you join, feel free to introduce yourself! We love meeting new members!

:crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords: :crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords:


Great alliance! I joined 6 months back as a noob and ive had help and advice every step of the way. Everyone tries hard to do their part and thats all thats expected. When life gets in the way just say! But its a fun, layed back alliance that strives to make every member better! Join the fight!

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Thank you again Grim! We are all apart of the equation! Valhalla rises :slight_smile:

The table fills quickly. Only 4 seats left in the Great Hall of Valhalla!

6 open seats. warriors welcome!

Greetings! I’m Black Widow …. there are 5 openings left in the house of Valhalla. If you’re feeling a bit left out in your current alliance, come on over to the house of Valhalla. We are gamers from all over the globe and we love having a good time, laughing, and sharing our gamIng “know how.”

While toasting titans are a must, wars are optional. Your active participation is needed, however, we all know that life will throw its curves and family/life comes first…just communicate with the members.

That’s all for now … I hope that you will join us at the table of VALHALLA UPRISING !!

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Just grand-slammed another War and took down our last 7star Titan with some fantastic teamwork! Proud of our crew. If you’re looking for a new home and want to add value to a team, come check us out. Valhalla Uprising grows stronger daily! 5 seats left :slight_smile:

Valhalla Uprising has been my home since I’ve started playing the game several months ago. It has been a wonderful adventure growing with some amazing leaders, and strong companions! This is an alliance that is positive and encouraging, and understands that real life is more important than a game. Everyone is understanding and patient, and we have fun with each other. The rewards for being in this alliance go beyond the game, as you know that you can get online and talk to your new “family” all the time!
To the halls of Valhalla!!

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We currently have 4 empty seats in Valhalla! Would love for YOU to fill them! :slight_smile:

Only 3 empty seats, almost have a full house! If you and 2 friends are thinking about a new alliance, come join us and help put some Titans to rest! :crossed_swords:

Happy Saturday everyone! Looks to be a great day in Valhalla Uprising! Titan is nearly slain and war starts in 30 min! I will be on and off all day, looking forward to meeting new members!

Great Monday in Valhalla! 2 Titans down, however we had lost our War … 4 time win streak was broke by 112 pts! If you think you could hit for 100 points with 6 flags in War, you could be just what we need to hit the next level!

Have a fun and safe memorial day everyone! Valhalla Uprising has 4 seats currently available! Newcomers, feel free to introduce yourself!

4 Open seats in the Great Hall! I will be on and off today inbetween poolside BBQ and waterballoon wars :smiley: !

Hump Day! TGIW … I guess. haha. War just started and Titan is almost toasted! If you’re looking for a fresh start, post in our chat and introduce yourself! :slight_smile:

So many Valhalla…

My team is Valhalla!


There can only be ONE Valhalla! :smile: 3 seats now Available in Valhalla Uprising!

Still have 3 seats at our table! Come and join us! Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself when you join :slight_smile:

Unfortunately lost 2 members to inactivity. We now have 5 OPEN seats! If you and some friends are looking for a new home, give use a try! Currently between 7 & 8 star Titans :smile:

4 open seats! Wishing everyone a Happy Fathers Day weekend!

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