⚔ [23 Aug, 2020] - 70th Raid Tournament - 5* Rush Attack, No Ice/ Blue

1rs draft…

Maybe I should swap Anzogh with Ursena, I’m not sure yet.
I also have Marjana.

Here is my roster:

Very open to mono red with two greens in there? Not really seeing the temptation to stack yellows on Ursena (which is where she thrives).

Best of luck either way :slight_smile:

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Lets troll :sunglasses::joy:

Not short of healing :joy:

Be a nightmare to break down, would make for nice long battles :joy:

okay, 2nd draft…

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Well time for my Noor to shine as tank i guess :slight_smile:

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:joy: just a joke

Propably will take this as a first draft:

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Nice, like that better :slight_smile:

I guess another alternative thought is to maybe switch Anz and Ursena (more damage means more heal) and then maybe even run Seshat at wing to increase yellow temptation?

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Would swap Marjana out for a yellow propably


Poseidon will be a much better pick to protect against mana control

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Unless you swap for Seshat to encourage yellows in attack… Since that’s actually what you want for Ursena to punish to the max (with the reflect).

Then enough healing to prop it up :slight_smile:

I would go with

Zimkitha - Puss in Boots - Telluria - Gravemaker - Joon

Will be really though to beat as there is no danger for Red hero’s

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I would expect to see lots of Tel tanks as usual in this tourney, the only benefit is no Vela to punish red stacks.

I’m running a non standard tank option cos I really dont care for journey’s any more


Thinking this. Wanted to work costume viv in but i like this.

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Want to make sure there’s some punishment for purple if possible…

Purple holds a lot of very valuable cards in rush attack - Panther/Seshat/Domitia/Kage for dispel, Hel/Alfrike and Proteus/Merlin for mana control, Grimble for minion removal (against this kind of team).

If anything, you want to insert purples and skip yellows rather than the other way around - yellow has mana cutters like Guin/Neith/Leo but mana cuts matter less at vfast.

Me, personally, I’m avoiding greens fullstop but I can see the case for Telly anyway.

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Don’t have much as usual, it’s either go mono with Wilbur, falcon and gormek or this. Also have proteus but don’t really want to put him on wing?

Hope it’s time for Santa to shine.
I’ll try Gravemaker (still not maxed) - c.Joon - Santa - Telluria - BT.

Personally… I wouldn’t tank a green unless it’s Telly (and even then, only if there’s no options).

There’s no way to punish red attacking stacks in this tournament, so at very least you don’t want to play into their hands.
Where possible, reds in position 1-3-5 and yellow/purple in 2-4 makes some sense.

Your other reds aren’t ideal… But if you’re running Kingston I’d put him on wing.

Maybe rearrange to something like:
Marj - Tibs - BT - Poseidon - Kingston.

At least then you’ve got some protection against yellow or purple stacks at flanks, you’ve covered Kingston with one of your beefier defenders (Poseidon) and you’ve got a middle that will set up the right hand side to do damage (if Tibs and BT fire before Poseidon and Kingston, they’ll hit harder - Marj being the weakest sniper goes on the left before any buff/debuff).

It’s not perfect, but it’s got the potential to damage anyone who brings the wrong team or gets a bad board.

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Should they, Telly wasn’t very effective on the last rush even without red. Her ailment doesn’t hurt much on a rush.

Planning on using this at the moment. I don’t usually put healers on my defense team, but I think a VF cVivica pairs nicely with Killhare. I wanted a second yellow as that’s the only color I have with a second L11 mana troop.

Debating whether I should switch JF with my unemblemed Santa. Or replace Joon with a Neith +11.


okay, 3rd draft…


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