23-02 no reset badge ? Talent Mission

They did not add a reset badge. Nerfs loot chests tickets, now resets too??? :unamused: :thinking:


The appearance of reset tokens has always been random. It doesn’t mean that reset emblems have been nerfed just because the emblem appeared during the last Trials of Piety, but did not appear today.


Whoever made that graphic expecting a reset emblem doesn’t have any idea about how it works.

We are expecting 3 resets this cycle, but no idea which trials, and we could just be wrong about the cyclic nature. There’s not enough data yet.

The main thread is at Class Emblem Trial Quests - Chance for Reset Emblem - Feb 23/24 - NO


Closing this thread, so discussion can continue in the one linked above.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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