⚔ [22nd Nov, 2020] - 83rd Raid Tournament - 4* Bloody Battle, No Fire/ Red

Learning something new everyday


Unsure on ?..


  • Skittles C/no
  • Little John C/no
  • Peters
  • Gobbler
  • Li Xiu +12
  • Proteus +14



Why not Little John instead of Skittleskull? Not sure how their stats stack up with Skittles at +1 and LJ at +10. Neither are ideal of course so I can’t say either way, but LJ’s mana slow does hurt cleansers too (opposing Caedmon with costume, in this case…)

What you have is already your best option IMO. We’ve discussed Proteus before, average mana on wing isn’t good and the AI is terrible at aiming him. PLus Li Xiu doubles up your Yellows. so Sonya is the best wing I think. Though Peters, as a Rogue, is tempting; but Sonya’s emblems make a big diff.


This is the team I am going with


Had the idea before. Thought of on AoE to deal more damage after Mist.

Normal Little John and Mist overwrite mana slow down…costumed for Ranger and the dodge?

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Yeah, go costumed, LJ is slow so when he fires, the mana slow might not have an impact anymore (and like you said, overwrite with Mist). the dodge will be more useful if the attacker’s mostly charged up

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Same here. +19 cMelendor and +19 Brynhild
Here is what I’m going for … I figured Peters as a tank cos he is a rogue.


Thinking this… @Vikingblood80

other options:

  • Little John +11 (but Skittleskull still sturdier, though LJ better synergy with Li Xiu)
  • 2nd Caedmon +7 c/no (dropped because Jack O Hare is AoE = better)
  • Gadeirus +3
  • Hansel +15 (could put in wing, but conflict with Li Xiu? and Caedmon’s cleanse might be more helpful, the AI will be bad at timing either of them anyway)
  • Gobbler +1
  • Cyprian +3
  • Proteus +19
  • Hu Tao +4
  • Danzaburo
  • Chao +5
  • Not liking Blues this week, but also have Sonya, Grimm, Kiril, Triton, Valeria, Boril, Agwe

As far as 4* go, Mist is a pretty decent choice for this tournament format. I often find that speed is key in bloody battles so her fast speed, damage to 3 and boat load of utility will be a pain to deal with. Couple that with purple being one of the weakest elements at 4* in this tournament format and you have a good base to build on.

I’d be tempted to flank her with a second purple to go alongside Bjorn so they don’t have any easy options to attack your center, or your next best green damage dealer if you have one. If you don’t have those options, then go for speed and damage to punish a poor board.

Good luck!


Guess who’s back
Back again
'Pollos back
Tell a friend
Sooooo… I took a week away from the thread because I started to get to that, well realistically I was at that point, where the fun was gone and I was mad at a Game… So I threw my tantrum in private and took some time and here I am now REFRESHED AND REARING TO GO!
I see we have a 4* bloody no :fire:… Let’s see what we can do this week folks!


Looks like buddy was ( and I think still is, the tank du jour )


Thoughts and ideas are as always completely welcomed and appreciated
@rho, @Harlikwen, @Vikingblood80, @sleepyhead, @Slobix, @gnikdrazil, @jinbatsu, @Lexxtarc and any1 else who feels like it.


Buddy is your best tank but is missing emblems. I wish i had him.
You are in a similar situation with me also, Grim maxed and C.Tiburtus missing emblems.
You can try : Grim - Almur - Buddy - Mist - C. Skit

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Almur +20 seems like a good tank choice - not sure how sturdy he is. Skittleskull with emblems makes a decent flank despite being slow.

Mist +19 over Gretel +20, as Mist hits 3 while Gretel only hits one.

Your only other highly emblemed non-healers are Proteus and Grimm… Buddy could also come in though.


Mist / Buddy / Almur / Skittles / Proteus or Grimm ? Grimm being blue is a liability but if he’s in wing it isn’t so bad.

If Buddy is tougher switch him with Almur. not sure of their relative stats.


Costumed Tiburtus…for sure @ApollosEmpire

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Almost a shame not to use him this week since cleansers will be scarce…who to take out?


@sleepyhead, @Vikingblood80 here’s some perspective on the stats of each of the above mentioned heroes.

I am actually lacking in heavy hitting 4s. I guess I went more healer/ support type heroes subconsciously. Btw @sleepyhead poor buddy has had Emblems Removed from him 3x smh. I have some more to put on him for this week. If I put them on him, I need to leave them lol.
EDIT- Rangers and Rogues are hard not to want to out solely on my 5s because of that node 8 Mana bonus vs. the rest of the classes that are either node 19 or 20.

Looks like you went full defense on Almur emblem and he seems to be your perfect fit.
I went full attack on Almur :slight_smile: As I use him a lot on my 3-2 green - blue team

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Some thoughts:

Almur tank instead of Buddy probably…Buddy on left flank then.

Grimm+19 vs TiburtusC…tough…didn’t saw the emblems…usually you want def down “all”.

Proteus don’t work well together with Mist and in particular Gretel…won’t use him.

Don’t overthink it. Choose 5 heroes. You have plenty of inspiration in this thread already.

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I went with Almur as a tank, even though mine is somehow more balanced. I mixed things a bit with his emblems, due to all around use.

But I don’t have Buddy, so no dillema there. Hmmm… Maybe Mist Buddy Almur Skittleskul Proteus.
I’d rather have Mist on flanks, but Skittleskul is slow, and I don’t see a good fast option in green. Proteus before Grimm or Tiburtus because Buddy already should provide defence debuf. And mana control is always a weapon, I think even more in bloody battle, so Mist/Proteus overlaping is not a major issue.

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