⚔ [21 Nov 2021] - 135th Raid Tournament - 3* Bloody Battle, No Red/ Fire

Offense: 12-3
Defense: 4-6

Currently ranked 14952 (top 5 %)

This will be a tough tournament. I got two more days with only one loss left. My defense is not that strong so I would be reluctant to buy back in.


This tourney has been really enlightening for me because I haven’t done this poorly in a 3* tourney in a long time.

Lessons learned:

Slow heroes like the slayers are perfectly fine for defense but they fall very short when it comes to attack. Definitely avoiding them completely now because you just need too many matches to get them going. Bloody Battle is a race against time and slow is simply too slow to overcome bad boards.


I agree, they lose the stackable heal so their survivability is shorten

Offense 14-6 (2-3 today :frowning: )
Defense: 4-7 (D)

I bought in today, not sure if that was the right decision. For me if I buy in it’s Top 1% or bust.

Will need a 5-0 or 4-1 for a chance.

Ranking 10410 (top 1%)


Also fell out day 3. Met multiple LB teams, most of them consisting of rare heroes like Dolgoon, Noril, Maeve, etc. Managed to beat 11 with monoyellow (Double Kvasir on the offense is great). Died 4 times out of tile shortage, however still managed to drag down at least three of the opponent’s team each time. Currently still in top 1% (amazed), probably because of my excellent defense which is solid in A from the very beginning (def currently 11-2).

I don’t consider that a sound investment. It could be if the rewards were fixed. Recently I got a better reward for top 25% finish compared to a previous top 1% finish.

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Better boards today and 5-0 as a result. Tyrum was actually the MVP despite the Slayers in my team. His dispelling of Shrubbear/Gunnar and cleansing of Kvasir/cGunnar was critical.

Defense up to 26-4 now… Guess I lucked out on setting one this time

Day Offense Defense Score Def Score Total
1 5-0 5-1 (A) 2795 900 3695
2 9-1 14-3 (A) 6022 900 6922
3 12-3 22-4 (A) 8887 900 9787
4 17-3 26-4 (A) 12589 12589
5 ?

Good luck to those still fighting!


Day 4

O : 5-0 (19-1)

Go with same tactic. Face many tough team today but the board is good enough, so 5 win :slightly_smiling_face:

Face this team in 1st attack,

Go with Kvasir - C Tyrum - CB Balthazar - C Brienne - CB Berden. Enemy Kvasir fire before my Kvasir but there is enough purple to cleanse. I kill Kvasir and Noril but the board dry up. I lose C Brienne and CB Berden and C Tyrum - CB Balthazar at about 300 hp. Luckily, enemies don’t slash/skill someone specifically. My Kvasir can keep them alive. A pretty close win :slightly_smiling_face:

2nd attack against 2 healer with Morris tank, so a easy win :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

3rd attack against this team

Go with Kvasir - Pixie - C Brienne - Mnesseus - CB Berden. The board is pretty bad this times. Noril fire twice. When enemy Maeve fire, I lose Mnesseus. Moreover, enemy slash and kill my Pixie and C Brienne and leave me to my Kvasir - CB Berden vs Bertulf - Maeve - C Berden - Poppy (2 vs 4). Then big cascade come and kill Maeve. My Berden kill Bertulf but enemy C Berden and Poppy slash and kill my C Berden. Luckily, there are enough yellow tile on the left, so I simply play on the left side and let Kvasir’s minion kill enemy C Berden and Poppy. Very close win :slightly_smiling_face:

4th attack against Whacker tank, the board is very good, green diamond at start, so easy win :slightly_smiling_face:

5th attack against this top defense team

Go with Kvasir - Pixie - C Brienne - Mnesseus - CB Berden. The board is pretty good. But enemy slayers are tough and gain stack very quickly. Even the board is pretty good, I have to say that I might lose. I kill Noril tank and Maeve but the cascade trigger enemy Kvasir right before my Kvasir can fire. Luckily, all 3 enemy minion hit Pixie. My Kvasir’s minion block enemy Kvasir and make my heroes survive enemy Noril. I win and lose only CB Berden at the end but my Pixie, C Brienne and Mnesseus are at only about 150-250 hp. I have to say that if the 3 enemy minion hit 3 my different heroes the story will be different and I might lose :slightly_smiling_face:

D : 10-5


If I get 1 hero token from tournament I am happy, it’s basically a 75 gem gamble for a 300 gem equivalent return.

The odds for hero tokens top 5 and below. So if I’m close I will take a shot. Unfortunately instead of going for 4-1 I ended up 2-3. So now it doesn’t look so good

Started out with a rough 2-3 the first day of offense. Some sub optimal boards and decision making sunk me. I figured I was toast for the tourney, not even expecting to bother with a rebuy at that point. Since, I’ve went 15-0 to bring the offense to 17-3. I went to double noril, Maeve with kvasir and dolgoon most attacks. It seems like kvasir and dolgoon can buy the slayers just enough time to get going and bring the pain.

Defense has been teetering with a weak A the whole time, but always holds when it needs it. Hopefully can finish strong tomorrow and avoid an early loss on offense.


Another good day; 5-0. Boards were kind, or opponents were weak. (Corner frosty in no red bloody battle? Kvasir renders him useless… Prisca, not a good hero to begin with, and in bloody battle half her special is lost… so thank you matchmaking algorithm!)

Defense is at B, good improvement after a bad start; EEBB…



Defence is 10-1 bad boards have hurt the offence, it’s 16-4. Good fir 1734th place


Made it to the very end, 22-3! Last 2 days without a loss, every battle could have been my last. :rofl:

Defence was mostly B throughout the week, 9-8 atm.


Day 5

O : 5-0 (24-1)

Go with same tactic. The board is very good today. One attack give me x17 combo at start, charge all my heroes and kill 3 enemy in the first turn (It will be great if that happen in the challenge event :joy:). I found that Dölgöön is very annoy if he always fire the first charge. I match I didn’t bring dispell against him. It take me many turn to kill them. You need both dispell can cleanse to counter him completely.

D : 12-5

Defense work well. Does anyone know who is “Doctor Watson” ?

See you all from the leader board :smiling_imp:


disgusting, it’s not random

Def day 1 E???
2-5 AAAA 78,9%

No comment


After a close shave in the first match where my last remaining Kvasir somehow survived against a Poppy, the other 4 matches were easier. So ended up at 22-3 and 5 straight weeks without needing a rebuy. Next week is a 5* Rush tournament with Purple Limit Breaker though, so I think that streak will not survive :joy:

Used 3 Slayers in every attack this week, switching between 2 Noril + Whacker and 2 Maeve + Tyrum. They are slow to charge, but the high Def and Hp helps them survive against the non Slayer defenses. I’ll probably continue using them the next one.

They are definitely great on defense. Currently 29-7 and A every day.

Good luck on your last attacks to those yet to finish. Hopefully this week’s top 1% loot will be better than the last 2 :sweat_smile:


Went 4-1, needed to go 5-0 for shot at top 1%. My defense is at a D so not much help there.
ranking: 14004

Defense 35.% (D)


Well, last day didn’t end well. 1-2: 2 bad boards against hard opponent (two times Noril in tank). First time I at least got Noril, second time the board was so bad, I couldn’t get that last tile to charge or kill Noril, who had only a few hp left…


So I ended top1 and expected some nice loot well guess i was wrong :rofl: what a joke! Had better loot in the lower ranks.


So this week wasn’t kind to me ( doesn’t help a lot of my favourite 3s heal) and I was out by Wednesday.

However big thanks to @WaVe my defence got a B rating which kept me in the 25% which for 3 stars I’m happy with.


Rank : Leaderboard
Score : :smiling_imp: (find me)
Loot : Top 1%

x2 EHT is great :smiley:


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